St Kilda will celebrate all things Pride this coming weekend at RSEA Park, today revealing this season’s Pride Guernsey which will be available to purchase for the first time.

Acknowledging key moments in both the club’s and LGBTQIA+ history while also encouraging inclusivity and acceptance for all, the guernsey will be worn this Saturday in the Saints’ final home game of the season against Brisbane.


Carrying over several key elements from last season’s design, the 2023 Pride Guernsey reflects key moments and events that have helped shape an inclusive culture both at the Saints and the broader football community. 

The guernsey adapts a blackout version of St Kilda’s Crusader kit, featuring the crest motif in the colours of the Pride Progress Flag. An accompanying border around the base of the crest in the colours of the trans flag serves as a new addition for 2023.

Emblazoned on each colour wave within the crest are milestone words, detailed in chronological order, which carry significant meaning within the LGBTQIA+ community and Saints’ AFLW playing group.

“The inclusivity of AFLW is so prevalent,” St Kilda AFLW vice-captain Bianca Jakobsson said.

We represent a wider community and our club the AFLW competition is a really safe space for people to come and be themselves.

- Bianca Jakobsson

“People who come and watch us don’t feel they have to be anybody else, so it means a lot to pull that on and represent so many different people.

“It doesn’t matter who you are. Everyone is welcome and that is really special.”

Due to a guernsey clash between St Kilda and Carlton for AFLW Pride Round the following week, the club will be required to wear its away kit.


More than just words

  • Fitzroy Street: A nod to the origins of the Melbourne queer & LGBTQIA+ movement and fight for equality in St Kilda, as well as the continuing presence of the community in this area
  • MidSumma: The Pride March the club attends yearly alongside the LGBTQIA+ community
  • Pride Cup: Our proud partners in the LGBTQIA+ who have helped guide the club towards achieving a safe and inclusive culture and environment for all
  • YES!: Recognition of the marriage equality outcome in 2017
  • Saints Pride: The inception of our Pride Supporter Group
  • Pride Game: The first Pride Game in the AFL men’s competition, held against Sydney in 2016
  • EST.2017: The commencement of the AFLW competition, which has provided countless role models for those in the LGBTQIA+ community and given many a voice and environment to be their genuine selves
  • 3.1.19 - 1.8.14: The final score of our first ever AFLW win against Melbourne in Pride Round in Round 3, 2020
  • AFLW, AFLW, VBFL, VWFL: Symbolising the connection of our four St Kilda teams across the men’s, women’s, wheelchair and blind competitions
  • Together We Rise: The philosophy of working together as one to learn, grow and create inclusive environments for all