At just 22 years of age, Liam Henry has far more interests than just the stock-standard hobbies many other fellow footballers share. 

Sure, there’s the usual stuff. Like many, he unsurprisingly loves his golf and can easily spend a whole day on the green, loves binge-watching shows on Netflix and has an affinity for the country classics of Alan Jackson and newer hits of Luke Combs. 

Beyond that though is a drive few others his age possess. He has hopes to become “a great entrepreneur” through his fashion business, Tied To Culture - already booming before it hits the Melbourne market later this year - and similarly prove his wares in his colours this season, but above all, his desire to use anything and everything as motivation. Even the "usual stuff".

Not much is wasted for Henry. Watching shows on Netflix have their own purpose beyond mindless entertainment; listening to a song’s lyrics more than just enjoyment, but inspiration for his AFL career.


“I think that just relates everything I do off-field hopefully goes back to on-field,” Henry told

From the fictitious Adonis Creed to rapper Meek Mill, Cyril Rioli to Danny Green, Patrick Mahomes to Michael Walters, Liam Henry has no shortages of inspiration to draw from as he embarks on his latest venture at St Kilda.

Whether it be the footballing prowess of Walters or childhood hero Rioli - the player who was the reason for Henry following the Hawks as a kid - or the advice of fellow Western Australian and boxing champion Danny Green, Henry has leveraged every opportunity to better himself on the field; the impetus of each all coming off his own bat.

One of Henry’s leading motivators is the song Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill; a staple of Kansas City's Mahomes’ pre-game featured in the Netflix series Quarterback - watched avidly by Henry - and one now a core part of his own individual hype playlist.

“I listen to that every time before I enter the stadium, and that’s my last song before I run onto the field,” Henry said.

“When I watched it on the new Netflix series Quarterback… that’s something that inspires me to go out and do it.

“I’m pretty close to Danny Green too. He’s one of the people that I always get advice from. He’s done it at the world (stage) and been at the top of his sport. 

I’ve loved learning from him and he’s a really dedicated person and a dedicated human. I love learning from the greats and obviously he’s one of them.

- Liam Henry on Danny Green

“My favourite movie would be the Creed series. Obviously I love that where it’s a motivation. The boxing and UFC… I love that type of sport.”

Henry might not be too shabby with the gloves on, but it’s with Sherrin in hand where he truly shines.

The speedy utility, who signed on with St Kilda on a four-year deal this AFL Trade Period, had a career-best campaign with Fremantle on the wing this season just gone, and will undoubtedly be an important cog in Ross Lyon’s machinations moving forward. 

Lyon and Henry overlapped briefly while the latter was still a part of the Dockers’ Next Generation Academy, but formed a strong rapport with each other before Lyon parted ways in Cockburn and Henry was drafted to the club.

Lyon even wore one of Henry’s Tied To Culture pieces to that year’s Doig Medal, and with some extra support from fellow ex-Docker Bradley Hill, helped put his business further on the map. 


“It’s definitely been good, obviously it’s a pretty big move going from Perth to Melbourne, but I’m really excited to start my new journey at St Kilda,” Henry said.

“I think I’ve built a good relationship with Ross and Brad over the very short time I’ve been at St Kilda, but I’m really excited to get over and get started in the red, white and black.

Henry will be moving in with Hill when he does make the move east in the coming weeks, but will soon reunite with Lyon when pre-season commences in late November.

“I’m excited to meet everyone, but obviously I have a great relationship with them two. Just to learn and expand my wings as an AFL player, I’m really excited to learn as much as I can from Hilly.

“He’s developed a great name for himself over the years he’s been in the system and I’m excited to try and sponge as much information as I can.”

Henry may have many role models of his own, but in time after a few seasons at St Kilda, he’s hopeful to be the one whose name is listed as an inspiration for the next generation coming through.

“I’m really excited to get over and be at St Kilda. I’m excited to meet everyone there and all the fans who have been faithful to the St Kilda Football Club,” Henry said.

“I’m happy to wear (the colours) of this proud club. Obviously there’s a lot of rich history with Nicky Winmar and all the rest of it, so I’m excited to be hopefully marking my own footsteps.”