The Saints will be at nearly full strength at the start of 2024, as players currently on the injury list look to make a return to full training.

Executive General Manager of Football David Misson spoke to to share the latest on our rehab group.

“We had a number of players undergo surgery following the season, which is pretty typical of that time of year,” Misson said.

“All of those players are making promising progress, with the majority expected to be back to full training after the break.”

On the comeback trail

Jack Steele
“Jack has been recovering well following a post-season ankle clean out. He’ll re-join the main group after the Christmas break.”

Brad Crouch
“Brad had a clean out of his knee following the season. He’s been running well, and we anticipate him taking part in full training in the new year.”

Dan Butler
“Dan was another who had an ankle procedure after the season. He’s moving well and will re-join the main group after the break.”

Jack Hayes
“After ending his season with a calf injury, we elected to pop Jack in for a knee clean out which he was due for anyway. He’s recovering well and should re-join the main group in the early stages of next year.”

James Van Es
“James had ankle surgery towards the back end of the season. He’s recovering well and is back running and taking part in drills. We anticipate James to return to the main group early next year.” 

Max King
“Max had been recovering really well following a laterjet procedure on his shoulder. We expect him to join in some drills next week, then the full program in January.”

Ongoing management

“There have been a couple of players managing fresh niggles, however at this stage we don’t believe the severity of any of these issues will impede their availability when it comes time for practice games or the season proper.”

Mitch Owens
“Mitch has been managing minor foot soreness this week, however we anticipate him returning to the main group after the break.”

Mason Wood
“Mason has had a bit of a calf niggle recently which we’ve been managing. He’s a real professional with his rehab and we’re expecting him to integrate into the training across the first few weeks back next year.”

Jack Higgins
“Jack has had some back soreness over the last week or so. We’ll monitor it over the break, but we don’t anticipate it having an implications on his availability.”

Anthony Caminiti
“Anthony just has a bit of hamstring tenderness which we’re managing. The break has come at a perfect time and we expect him to return to the main group in the new year.”