Photo: Herald Sun

St Kilda Football Club is deeply saddened by the loss of Norma Barker, mother of club legend Trevor Barker, who passed away late last week aged 95.

One of the most kindhearted people to ever be involved with the red, white and black, Norma is now reunited with her two late children, Trevor and Katrina.

Trevor’s tragic passing from colon cancer in 1996, aged 39, followed the devastating loss of nine-year-old Katrina from a congenital heart condition. Through all the hardship in her life however, Norma’s love and memory for her children never wavered.

Norma Barker accepts Trevor Barker's posthumous induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame. Photo: AFL Photos.

The gleam in Norma’s eye when she would present the club’s Best & Fairest award - named in her son’s honour - year after year was just a snippet of the immense pride she had. It was just a small part of why she was adored by so many at the club. 

Despite the throng of players, coaches and high profile people in attendance at those nights, Norma was always the most popular person in the room. Just like how everyone gravitated towards Trevor, the same could be said about Norma. 

And just like her son, she was the star of the show at the Saints’ night of nights.

Norma and her friends formed what was known as the ‘back row’ of Moorabbin to watch her son play. From 1975-1989, she witnessed every high-flying theatricality, heroic moment and the evolution of her son from blonde-locked heartthrob with Hollywood looks to an indisputable legend of the Saints and the game.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Norma accepted Trevor’s posthumous induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame in 2019.

And today, there won’t be many dry eyes today as we remember a true Saint.

Vale, Saint Norma.