Another fan-favourite St Kilda guernsey has returned in time for Gather Round, with the Saints to bring back their iconic ‘candy stripe’ kit for next week’s festival of football.

Originally worn during the fledgling Saints’ VFA days as far back as 1886, the candy stripe earned mass popularity when it was donned throughout the early 2000s and worn by the likes of club greats and current coaches Robert Harvey, Lenny Hayes and Brendon Goddard.

The design was first revived as part of 2003 Heritage Round, before taking the place of the clash and later away jumper in 2004 and 2005 respectively.

Some of the Saints’ most memorable games of the early 2000s took place with the candy stripe in tow, including Nathan Burke's farewell game (2003), Fraser Gehrig’s nine-goal bag against Carlton (2004), Harvey’s game-winning qualifying final performance over Adelaide (2005) and the infamous Sirengate incident against Fremantle (2006). 

Unlike the iteration from 2006 which featured the stripes running the up and down the length of the guernsey, the 2024 remake will remain faithful to the 2003-2005 design with an all-white upper back.

St Kilda will wear this year’s candy stripe Guernsey against Richmond at Norwood Oval as part of Gather Round next weekend, as well as in other select matches across the 2024 season.

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