Jack Hayes has made a successful return to football, getting through Sandringham’s Easter Sunday victory unscathed.

The performance marks an important milestone in the 28-year-old’s year to date following months of rehabilitation.

“It was great to see Jack have some reward for effort on the weekend,” EGM Football David Misson said.

“Rehab can be a lonely place to be, so to have him back out enjoying his footy is great.”

In further pleasing news, Ben Paton’s return to play timeframe has been adjusted, with the lock-down defender now aiming for games in early May.

“We’re constantly re-evaluating and re-assessing rehab timelines and this is a great indication for Ben,” Misson said.

“We know recovery is rarely linear, but we hope he continues on this trajectory, and we see him playing in the coming weeks.”

Similarly, Dougal Howard is also making strong progress as he recovers from a hamstring strain.

Injury list

Dougal Howard Hamstring 1-2 weeks
Paddy Dow Knee 2 weeks
Hunter Clark Calf 2-4 weeks
James Van Es Ankle 3 weeks
Matty Allison Knee 4-5 weeks
Ben Paton Pectoral 4-5 weeks
Mason Wood Collarbone 4-5 weeks
Brad Crouch Knee 5-7 weeks
Liam Henry Hamstring 5-7 weeks
Updated: Tuesday 2 April