Some key names are on track to slide up the injury list as several Saints featured in an informal scratch match on Saturday morning at RSEA Park.

Paddy Dow, Hunter Clark, Mason Wood and Ben Paton were warmly welcomed back into the fold, which included mix of Saints, Sandringham Zebras and Dragons players during the Round 4 VFL bye.

The scratch match involved a 14-on-14 set-up with three 20-minute match simulation blocks following a light training session.

St Kilda Development Coach and VFL Senior Coach Jake Batchelor said Saturday was a great success with the Saints getting what they needed out of it .

“Paddy came back looking powerful out in the midfield, dominating the clearances… his body work around stoppage was good as well as his power and explosion inside 50,” Batchelor said.

“Hunter played the first twenty-minute block and had a lot of stream out of centre bounce. He was classy with the ball and his clearance work was good. They (he and Dow) worked really well together.”

Wood and Paton played on each other as they both work through their final stages of no-contact progression.

Sandringham Zebras will host the Northern Bullants this Saturday April 27 at Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval.