James Van Es has been placed on the Saints’ inactive list as he continues to recover from ankle surgery.

The 19-year-old defender has battled with persistent ankle injuries over the last 18-months, precluding him from on-field action.

“This is James’ third operation on this ankle and we want to make sure it’s the last one,” EGM Football David Misson said.

“By placing James on the inactive list, it allows his full focus to be on recovery without the pressure of any return to play timelines.”

In positive injury news, Matthew Allison, Brad Crouch and Olli Hotton will all only require fitness tests this prove their eligibility to play this week.

Similarly, Arie Schoenmaker (concussion) and Dan Butler (hamstring) are also closing in on a return.

Injury list

Matthew Allison Ankle Test
Brad Crouch Knee Test
Olli Hotton Ankle Test
Dan Butler Hamstring 1 week
Arie Schoenmaker Concussion 1 week
James Van Es Ankle Season
Updated: Tuesday 14 May