Mere moments after his name was called out at the week’s mid-season rookie draft, Max Hall was on the phone to his grandpa with a mixed bag of news.

The good news was that after years of hard work, back-to-back ACLs in his junior days and COVID-19 impacting his draft year, the AFL dream had at last come true for the 22-year-old hopeful from Box Hill Hawks, now a Saint.

The bad news was he wouldn’t be able to come into work at the family cattle farm the following morning, or for quite a few after that. But there wasn’t a care in the world in his grandpa’s eyes in that regard considering the life-changing development.


“My grandpa has been one of my biggest supporters. I rang him up and told him I got drafted and he knew I wouldn’t be back at work!” Hall said.

“He wasn’t fussed one bit. He’s been awesome for me and my career.”

Hall’s family has 10,000 acres at Yea, with St Kilda’s newest recruit loving to spend any time he gets lending a hand on the land.

Even on the night of his selection, Hall had just clocked off from a tough day’s grind at 6:00pm. A tick over an hour later, he was officially an AFL player.


A fleet-footed midfielder/half-forward equipped with good speed and football smarts, Hall was one of the most improved players over the past 12 months across all the major state league competitions to catch the eye of St Kilda’s recruiters led by Simon Dalrymple, Stephen Silvagni and Graeme Allen.

Like many farmed from the mid-season draft, Hall’s road has been far windier than those taken during the regular post-season intake. But that persistence has certainly paid off in the best way possible.

“I’ve got a massive hunger for the contest. I love it when it’s in dispute when you’ve got to try and win it,” Hall said.

“I’ve put in a bit of work, so I’m happy to be here.”