Max King will need to pass a fitness on Thursday to make himself eligible for selection this week.

King jarred his knee in a tackle in the third quarter against West Cost and was later subbed out of the game as a precaution.

The 23-year-old will be joined by Isaac Keeler, who will also need to prove his fitness as he overcomes his own knee concern.

Liam Stocker will spend some more time on the sidelines, after missing the trip West with abdominal pain.

“Liam has been managing some abdominal/groin pain for a few weeks now,” EGM Football David Misson said.

“We’re hopeful that by giving him time for his pain to subside he’ll be best positioned to play out the rest of the season.”

Olli Hotton and Ryan Byrnes have both avoided injury after leaving the ground early in Sandringham’s win over Frankston, while Zaine Cordy is also available for selection after a speedy recovery from a knee hyperextension last week.

Isaac Keeler Knee Test
Max King Knee Test
Liam Stocker Abdominal 2-3 weeks
Jack Hayes Knee 5 weeks
James Van Es Ankle Season
Updated: Tuesday 4 June