Photo: Anthony Vella, Sandringham Football Club

Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 14 loss to Geelong.

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GEELONG 4.3 7.6 11.9 13.10 (88)
SANDRINGHAM 2.2 3.2 6.2 11.7 (73)

Cats: Mannagh 6, Willis 2, Hughes, Foster, Clohesy, Bradtke, Bews
Zebras: Phillipou 2, Collard 2, Watson, Membrey, Keeler, Heath, Garcia, Byrnes, Allison


Zak Jones

28 disposals, 21 kicks, four clearances

Strong game by Zak, he competed hard and gave us some really good run in the last quarter when we needed it. He’ll look to clean up some disciplinary acts which costs us a goal, but as an inside mid and wingman, he executed his role well in getting the ball going forward.

Lance Collard

Two goals, nine disposals, one tackle

Lance kicked two goals and got to some good spots for us forward. He’s looking to build on consistency so we’re looking forward to seeing him step up again this week.

Ryan Byrnes

22 disposals, three clearances, one goal

Ryan spent three quarters on the wing and one quarter as an inside mid. He brought spark and power in the stoppage for us, kicked a goal and communicated well. Was a strong performance overall.

Liam Stocker

23 disposals, 19 kicks, two tackles

Liam had a strong game full of intercepts, finishing up with nine in total. He provided some opportunities to bring teammates into the game with attack which was great to see. Was good to get him back out there. Played well despite being sick in the lead-up to the game.

Isaac Keeler

16 disposals, 10 marks, one goal

Isaac played 60 per cent of the match as a key defender this week. It was his first game back after four weeks off and was great to see him come back firing. He took a nice hanger, three big contested marks and used the ball well for us all day. He went forward for the last 40 minutes and looked strong ahead of the ball, giving us a little edge on attack. Good first game back.

Zaine Cordy

12 disposals, four marks, two tackles

Zaine started relatively slow as the opposition attacked hard and fast early. He fought to provide great contest, we’ve just got to make sure his reaction time is there to keep competing. His leadership was strong and finished with a nice second half as he built himself into the game.

Angus Hastie

7 disposals, three tackles, two marks

Angus played the first half of the game as a half back and the final two terms as a wingman. We’re working to expose him more to that wing role and saw him set up well at the stoppage whilst communicating effortlessly with his teammates. I’m sure he would’ve liked more direct impact, however we’re looking forward to this Sunday for him to increase that opportunity.

Mattaes Phillipou

31 disposals, 2 goals, nine clearances

Very strong game by Mattaes. We’ll look to work on improving his relative handball to kick ratio when territory is important, however he repetitively got the got the ball going forward for us under pressure. We went in wanting to use his weapon as an attacking mid option in the air and he did that in spades with six marks and two goals.


Tim Membrey

20 disposals, one goal, seven marks

Another really strong performance by Tim. He ran hard all day, competed strongly in the air and provided options for us outside of our defensive 50 on attack. I really like his defensive problem solving at the moment.

Matthew Allison

Nine disposals, one goal, three marks

Matty played forward with Cordy and Keeler coming back through defence. He competed strongly and once again built himself into the game. Whilst he was outmarked early, he worked to get to some good dangerous spots and executed in the last term when we had the momentum. Good see him get back in the forward line.

Ben Paton

17 disposals, 12 kicks, five marks

Ben didn’t make as much impact touches-wise compared to his last match but continued to put up a strong game defensively, including some important forward turnovers for us. His link-up on attack is becoming a standout of his game.

Hugo Garcia

18 disposals, 13 tackles, one goal

Hugo put up another high-impact performance. There are some opportunities for him to go for the ball first, he loves tackling, but we’d love to see him get some more groundballs into his game to take us forward. His effort to get back to support as well as his contest-to-contest running is continually strong.

Oli Hotton

14 disposals, three marks, two tackles

Oli played as a high half-forward as we mixed up the position slightly. He looked quite good coming through the stoppage, showcasing an improved awareness on defence and intensity around the ball.

Angus McLennan

13 disposals, 11 kicks, 10 marks

Angus had a strong game although missed a few opportunities for intercept marks which would have made it a very strong game. His reaction time for explosion on defence is a real standout whilst his attacking decisions and execution were also solid.


Max Heath

One goal, 28 hitouts, five disposals

Max competed strongly against Geelong ruckman Rhys Stanley. Whilst he draws free kicks, he’s also giving them away so we’re working on finding the right balance between composure and aggression. He went forward in the last quarter and was able to impact in the air. We're seeing Max thrive on being the number one ruck.

Liam O’Connell

Seven disposals, one mark, four tackles

Liam and Angus Hastie swapped roles this week, with Liam starting on the wing and then spending his second half down back. We saw some great intercept contested marking from him as well as strong tackles. His running power is at AFL standard and now we’re starting to see the reaction time and decision making close the gap on AFL. A solid game by Liam.

Max Hall

13 disposals, four tackles, two clearances

Max mainly played as a high half forward with a little bit of inside mid time. He makes smart decision with the ball in hand whether it’s handball vs kick or finding a mark vs territory, he’s clean around the contest too. Playing high half forward, it’s challenging to put up large numbers impact wise each week so we’re proud of his game.


Antony Seaton

16 disposals, four marks, two clearances

Anthony built into the game nicely, with his highlight being a huge effort in the last quarter, challenging a one-on-one in open space. He played with dare and freedom; I think the whole team lifted because of it. Really strong performance by the captain.