Photo: Anthony Vella, Sandringham Football Club

Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 15 loss to Geelong. 

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SANDRINGHAM 3.3 5.3 6.6 10.8 (68)
SYDNEY 5.0 8.5 9.6 11.9 (75)

Zebras: Campbell 3, Hall-Kahan 2, Vesely, Lowe, Latreille, Heath, Garcia
Swans: Hamling, Warner, Reid, Moi Moi, Mitchell, McAndrew, Lloyd, Grass, Endemann, Edwards


Zak Jones

20 disposals, four marks, four clearances

A strong game as an inside mid. He worked hard from contest to contest and led the boys really positively all day.

Lance Collard

Two disposals, two kicks, two tackles

Quiet game impact- wise for Lance. We see him get to some good spots but he couldn’t convert as well as he would’ve liked. We saw a shift in intensity during the second half with two great chase-down efforts which we loved to see.

Seb Ross

30 disposals, six marks, nine clearances

A really strong game from Seb. He led the team well as expected, providing repeat contest-to-contest running. He set us up beautifully on attack but also made some clever and calm decisions on defence.

Liam Stocker

18 disposals, five marks, three tackles

A well-made match from Liam who was proactive with his positioning this week. There were a couple of contests in the D50 we need to tighten up, but overall a much improved performance. His running and reaction time was a lot better as well.

Isaac Keeler

13 disposals, five marks, one tackle

An in-between game for Isaac this week. There were some good moments mixed with some lapses of concentration and intensity, so we’ll just keep reminding him to back in his ability, giving him licence to play with a level of freedom and assurance.

Zaine Cordy

10 disposals, nine kicks, three marks

A much improved game for Zaine this week. He took space when he needed to, executed our system well and got some really good reward for effort with intercept possessions. He impacted multiple contests and made smart decisions with ball in hand.

Angus Hastie

19 disposals, five marks, two tackles

Angus was able to make more impact on attack this week. His increased involvement included a focus on holding his composure around the contest and defending well. Still looking to provide polish in some areas but great overall intent and growth. 

Matthew Allison

Seven disposals, three kicks, one tackle

Matty struggled to have impact on the game but fought hard to bring the ball to ground as a forward. At times he struggled to get separation from his opposition but went back in the last 15 minutes and seemed to do a good job down there. Hopefully we get a bit more out of him going forward.

Hugo Garcia

24 disposals, four marks, five tackles

A well-rounded game for Hugo this week. He won the ball well and ran hard for four quarters. He’s very receptive with feedback from his teammates on field so it’s great to see him learn and grow from the senior players during the match. We love the ball in his hands in the attacking half of the ground - a great decision-maker when going forward.

Tom Campbell

24 hitouts, 14 disposals, three tackles

A 50/50 split in the ruck and forward for Tom this week. He kicked three goals and could’ve had an absolute day out if he just took marks that we’d expect him to take. It was good to know that he can go forward and impact.


Olli Hotton

19 disposals, four marks, four clearances

Played as an inside mid for the majority of the game. Olli showed some good bursts of speed when he got the ball in his hands. We’re still after bit more intensity in defence but his work around the ball was really pleasing.

Angus McLennan

19 disposals, 12 marks, 10 intercept possessions

A good game defensively and in the contest for Angus. He marked the ball really well off the opposition boot with 10 intercept possessions. There were a couple of decisions with the ball in hand we need to improve but he’s putting in the work.

Max Heath

14 disposals, nine hitouts, eight marks

A 50/50 ruck and forward combo also for Max this week. He started really strong in the forward line and got some good looks with his marks, taking four inside 50 during the first quarter. He needs to keep working on his follow-up as he’s previously had around the ball, so we’ll look to get that back into his game.

Liam O’Connell

11 disposals, five marks, two tackles

Liam ran his backside off all day. He was able to get to some good spots but there were some opportunities for him to trust his own decision making and leave his opponent that he could’ve capitalised on. Sunday provided a good opportunity to practise some front-and-centre defence on opposition on small forwards. Solid game with a strong work rate.



Hugo Hall-Kahan

Two goals, 13 disposals, two tackles

Hugo played against his old side and had a clear focus going into the game to make strong decisions. He ended up with two goals, got front and centre well and defended with strong intent.

Samuel Latreille

Seven disposals, one goal, three marks

First game for Sammy this year. He played as a high half-forward and had two shots at goal. He provided a lot of sacrificial running through his own individual game to help the team. His work rate was undeniable as he chased and harassed all day. It was great to see him back in there and make the most of his opportunity.