It’s been a busy period of time at RSEA Park, with the commencement of construction activity. As you will see in the images and video, demolition works are now complete for Stage 1, with the remaining section of the Huggins Stand due for demolition at the start of Stage 2 works in February 2018.

The completion of the demolition works has now opened up the site for the diversion of a stormwater service that currently runs under the future building location, and bulk earthworks to shape the future landscaped and built area, both of which are currently underway.

The main work’s contractor, ADCO Constructions, has been using the Trevor Barker Room as a temporary site office since March 2017, and will soon be transitioning into the newly built site amenities have now been installed onsite.

As an early finishing touch, new goal posts have now been installed which replicate those that have previously been onsite with the red, white and black tips.

Works scheduled for the next two months will include the completion of the bulk earthworks and service installation, laying of the ground floor slab and erection of primary steel, which will really start to give the building some shape.

Jon Couston, Project Director