Born 6 November, 1945
Height 183cm
Weight 83kg
Debut 8 June., 1963 v Hawthorn at Junction Oval
Seasons 8
Games 123
Goals 40

Griffiths overcame an horrific start to his career when he was knocked senseless in his first full game against Essendon. In St Kilda's greatest era he was sometimes overshadowed by the big names around him, but he was a champion as a half-back flanker, ruck-rover or centreman.

His strength in contests, running ability and class made him the ideal player in an era where coaches increasingly sought footballers who could handle a variety of roles. Allan Jeans had total faith in him and Griffiths credited that show of belief as the major reason why he succeeded.

Griffiths had speed and finely honed judgement which made the game of football look easy. He did not take many overhead marks because he usually anticipated the arrival of the ball to perfection and arrived on the scene in time to take a chest mark.

Griffiths had boundless courage, but it often landed him in trouble and he was concussed 10 times during his career. Although he left the League scene and headed to Western Australia at the young age of 25, he left an indelible mark on the game and his club.