St Kilda Development Coach and Sandringham Senior Coach Jake Batchelor runs through each Saint who played in the Zebras' final practice match against Essendon.

Rowan Marshall

"Rowan played two-and-a-half quarters for us. He had a really good first quarter in particular and started really well.

"It was almost a bit too easy for him in the second and third quarters, but the opposition rucks came at him really hard and turned it into a really good contest, which I think he needed.

Rowan Marshall. Photo: AFL Photos.

"It was good to see that he stood up, rucked really well and got through unscathed. 

"He got a lot of possessions for us in the forward half, he won the ball back for us – as a ruckman that’s what you need to do – and a big part of his role is that he can roam around the ground.

"That’s probably his main strength as a ruckman, to get around the ground, to get to contests for us and he did that really well."

Luke Dunstan

"Luke was really good. He's still playing that forward/mid role and finding the right balance.

"When he goes in there you know we’re a really good chance of winning the centre bounce or the clearance. He’s really tough for us – he’s not getting the scoreboard impact as he’s playing as a forward, but he’s putting in the pressure and leading the group really well, so I’m sure that will come.

Luke Dunstan. Photo: AFL Photos.

"He helps our young midfield group really well – we’re a bit inexperienced in there sometimes – so whenever he’s there he’s really good for the group.

"Same as Kenty, he just needs to find the right balance."

Jack Bytel

"Jack was probably our best player. He had a good four-quarter performance, was tough inside and had a big focus on transition running between contests.

"His explosion when he had the ball or when he was defending to turn the ball over was a real positive sign.

Jack Bytel. Photo: AFL Photos.

"He was a really good 'geller' of the groups and made it a big focus that he wanted to get down there and bring a positive energy to the group."

Darragh Joyce

"Another good game for Darragh. He’s probably played three or four in a row now where he’s putting his hand up for selection.

"There’s a lot of trust and confidence in him from my point of view. He’s doing everything really well that he needs to do: he’s winning the ball back, defending well and making smart decisions with the ball when he’s got it in his hands.

Darragh Joyce. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

"He’s our best leader down there and his attitude is always great.

"You can hear him from the coaches’ box and on the bench, he’s just screaming the whole day. When Darragh’s loud you know he’s on and he’s playing well."

Tom Highmore

"Tom worked really well with Darragh; both patrolled the backline and won the ball back for us really well.

"For a 23-year-old in his first year of footy, you know what you’re going to get from him which is really strange.

Tom Highmore. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

"He wins contests and works his backside off, he’s a really good defender down there and his attitude is first-class.

"He won the ball back for us really well and we looked really settled and strong down there.”

Sam Alabakis

"Sal was second ruck to Rowan for the first two-and-a-half quarters, so he played more forward then took over in the last quarter-and-a-half.

"It was good to see he could play forward then change position and do really well in the ruck.

"He's still learning but would have been a good experience for him being out there with Rowan. 

Sam Alabakis. Photo: AFL Photos.

"It’s a whole new experience learning the game as a ruckman then being put in the forward line, so his main focus was to get to as many contests as possible, and if we were slowed up and had to kick the ball long then he was the guy.

"That was a little bit inconsistent at times but when he did it, he competed really well and never got out-marked, which was another good step for him."

Matthew Allison

"A good game by Matty. He’s been fighting bigger opponents lately and this was another time where he did that.

"His ability to get to the contest is going to be a real strength of his going forward and the more we can see that now, the better we will be as a team.

Matty Allison. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

"He had to play a different role with our second ruck Chris Carey going down and Sam Alabakis going into the ruck, so Matty had to play the key role.

"He's (been) used to playing the third tall where he can roam around and take some marks up the ground, but he had to host up a little bit, take some hits and be our contest player for the day, so once again another week and a new challenge for him.

"The more we can put him in situations that’s uncomfortable, he can find new ways of beating an opponent and playing to his strengths still."

Leo Connolly

"Leo played a specific role around the stoppage for us really well, and he impacted both offensively and defensively.

"He got the ball in his hands a bit more than usual on Saturday.

Leo Connolly. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

"We want him kicking the ball inside 50, so if his defence is good and he’s up the ground closing outlets and helping set up our defence, then he’s going to get the ball back and kick it inside 50.

"Leo's our best kick of the footy, so we want it in his hands.”