Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 5 match against Carlton.

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CARLTON  3.3  4.8  6.11  9.17 (71)
4.1  6.2  8.7  10.8 (68)

Cahill 4, Ronke, Plowman, Kuipers, Carroll, Binns
Sandringham: Billings 3, Gown 2, Watson, Peris, Latrielle, Keeler, Campbell

Carlton: Dow, Cahill, Fogarty, Carroll, Swaney, Binns
Sandringham: Bytel, Campbell, Billings, Adams, Gown, Bayne

Jack Billings

22 disposals, four inside-50s, three clearances, three goals, three tackles

It was a really strong game by Jack in his first one back. He played just over three quarters, ran his backside off playing as a high half-forward for us and connected really well on attack. We were wanting to see his ability to run and get up and help us defend, and then really rip hard back to goal on attack. He did a really good job with both of those; without one, the other one doesn’t happen. He was clean and finished his work with three straight as well, so it was good to have him back.


Jack Bytel

39 disposals, nine clearances, four tackles

Jack had a strong game as well. Fifteen contested possessions and nine clearances is very good for an inside mid, so it was good to get him on a big ground and be able to get his legs to get pumping in his contest-to-contest running.

It was a really strong performance and he didn’t let playing VFL change his attitude or his ability to play our style, so that was great to see.

Tom Campbell

29 hit-outs, 19 disposals, four clearances, one goal

Tom had another influential day. He probably played a little bit forward more than previously, not by design, but he competed really strongly and was a good beacon for us in the contest. Thirteen contested possessions from a ruckman is really strong in particular, and it’s a big reason why the boys love playing with him.

A little bit rusty with aerial contests, but all in all he did his job in bringing it to ground and brought his teammates along with him. He’s continued to help Max Heath and Isaac Keeler in his first game, who both would have benefitted from his leadership and instruction.

Max Heath

16 hit-outs, 10 disposals, three clearances

Moose played a solid game. He didn’t finish his work which was probably the only thing he was quite frustrated with, but pleasingly he got his hands to it a lot. He’s playing in the right manner, his follow-up work is getting better around the ground and his ability to change up his ruck craft is improving. When we get back out there in two weeks’ time for our next game, I’m sure he’ll be clunking everything.

Isaac Keeler

Eight disposals, two marks, one goal

It was awesome to see Isaac get his first game. He’s put in a power of work over the past three or four months coming back from his injury. There’s a lot of pure, raw talent there. We got to see him kick a nice goal and he could have had a second one.

He’ll keep working on his forward patterns because he’ll probably play more as a forward early on I’d assume, and he’ll keep working with Damian Carroll on his craft. He’s been an ultimate pro in his recovery, and it’s no wonder he can get back and performa at a solid level for his VFL debut.

Isaac Keeler kicks a goal on debut for the Zebras. Photo: Mark Woods, Sandringham Zebras.

Tom Highmore

19 disposals, eight rebound-50s, seven marks

Tom had a good game. His performances are built around his contest and ability to play our team defence – that’s what we mark him on and he did a good job with that.

His first half was really strong in the contest when we had ascendancy of the game, and then in the second half – coming off sickness – he tired a little, which was completely expected. There was no complaining from him though, he just went out there, did his absolute best and his effort didn’t waver whatsoever. We’ll freshen him up and look forward to seeing him grow moving forward.

Leo Connolly

21 disposals, five inside-50s, three marks

Leo’s improving as a midfielder every week, finding the right balance of inside and outside ball – getting five inside-50s as a midfielder which is what we want. He’s getting his hands on the ball and running to good spots, and the only thing that probably let him down week was his finishing. He’s a beautiful kick and beautiful decision-maker, but a couple of times didn’t quite finish his work going into attack. That’s one of his absolute strengths and nothing to worry about long-term,  but just something we can keep using for the team going forward.


Oscar Adams

10 disposals, six rebound-50s, four marks

Oscar was really, really strong on the weekend. His contest work was really good, he was physical and he communicated really well for a complete performance. You look at his 10 touches, but that doesn’t matter if you’re a key back. You just have to get to each contest and compete hard, and he did that really well because he’s been putting in the work at training and behind the scenes. We’re starting to see that come out which is really pleasing.

James Van Es

Nine disposals, four marks, four rebound-50s

Similar to Oscar, Jim didn’t have many possessions – it wasn’t that sort of game for our key backs – but more often than not was in a good strong position in contests. We’re still working on some defensive decisions about where to run and when to leave your opponent versus when to stay, but we’re seeing improvement and seeing signs every week that all these blokes are tracking in the right direction.

Jack Peris

17 disposals, five tackles, one goal

Jack ran really well and worked hard all day. He created space for his teammates playing in a small forward role, and was strong in his front and centre work. Another five tackles really spoke to his forward pressure, and he finished off his work with a great snap and goal. Jack played a mixture of forward roles this week which was good for his growth, so hopefully we can see more of that in the coming weeks.