Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 8 win over Port Melbourne.

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SANDRINGHAM 4.1  7.5. 9.7  11.14 (80)
PORT MELBOURNE  3.1  4.5. 6.9  8.11 (59)

Windhager 3, Watson, Heath, Blamires, Hipwell, Gown, Peris, Owens, Lohmann
Port Melbourne:
Hooper 2, Hunter 2, Green, Gasper, Cameron, Anastasio

Windhager, Webster, Campbell, Hipwell, Highmore, Billings, Milne, Keeler, Van Es
Port Melbourne: Hooper, Phillips, Rosman, Cucinotta, Clarke, Naismith

Marcus Windhager

36 disposals, 11 inside-50s, nine clearances, three goals

Marcus had a really good performance. For the second week in a row, he’s played his role. His ability to not only win the ball, but win it in a strong, tough manner was really pleasing. 

Six tackles is good, so he defended in tight really well. Defensive transition and decision-making is a good growth area for him because he wants to round his game off the benefit the AFL team when the opportunity presents, which he’s buying into really well.


Jimmy Webster

28 disposals, four marks, three rebound-50s

Ross said he was exceptional on the weekend, and I back that up. His ability to play as a high half-back and then work harder than his opponent to get to the front and centre defensively and create an outnumber was terrific. It was obivious on gamely, but it was even better on tap.

He’s clean, he’s tough and coming back from a broken face, you wouldn’t have guessed that given the way that he played.

Jack Billings

24 disposals, six rebound-50s, four inside-50s

JB played the whole game. He didn’t come off the ground and he just worked his backside off running up and down the wing for us all game. He was really diligent with that.

Our ball movement was a lot better on Sunday and he got some good reward for that, but he played his role for the second week in a row and we expect him to keep doing that until an opportunity comes up.

Isaac Keeler

10 disposals, three tackles, two marks

One thing that’s become really apparent, really quickly, is his desire to chase and harass. You don’t expect that from a bloke he’s got the ‘two-metre tax’, but his game is actually not built on flair or kicking goals that you’d normally expect.

It’s clear that the brand he’s building at the moment is based on that chase and harass aspect and he got three set shots out of it. He’s putting himself in good positions to compete ahead of the ball for us, and that’s what it’s all about. He’s putting in maximum effort and the rewards will come later, but we’re seeing some good signs from him.

Tom Campbell

31 hit-outs, 18 disposals, three clearances

Tommy’s had a couple of games in a row now and he’s starting to take his marks, win the ball on the ground for us more and just starting to get a bit more continuity and starting to feel like himself now.

We’re glad he’s been able to get some good form. He’s finding a good relationship with Max Heath; it’s not just in the ruck for Tom, he’s getting some good time forward as well just to give his legs a bit of a spell.

Max Heath

15 hit-outs, nine disposals, five tackles, one goal

I just spoke to Moose before, he’s a really good connector of the two teams. Obviously like everyone he’s wanting to play AFL, but he really buys into everyone at Sandringham and celebrates everyone, doesn’t discriminate and just competes, doesn’t matter what colours he’s wearing.

I love him as a player. He’s someone that you stand taller with when he brings his aggression and he did a really good job with that. His follow-up work was elite.


Tom Highmore

20 disposals, seven rebound-50s, three marks

It was a good game by Tom. He had some extra experience in the backline this week and gelled really well with Cordy as the deep two. He played with some aggressive positioning defensively and made some good decisions with ball in hand, so I think it was a good step forward for Tom.

There are some areas he wants to get better at in terms of the contest and backing himself in a little bit more, but I thought he performed well.

Zaine Cordy

14 disposals, five marks, three rebound-50s

First game at Sandy and first game playing backline this year. He got to go in the circle after the game… didn’t know the words, but that’s ok!

He’s a great leader. His previous few weeks have been interrupted with being subbed out tactically, but he played a full game over the weekend. He was tonguing it by the end, but his longevity at footy has given him a few extra smarts to be able to work angles a little bit better.

He was a little bit rusty which we both agreed on and he’s looking forward to putting another step forward, but all in all he still had a solid performance first-up.

Jack Peris

10 disposals, six tackles, one goal

Another six tackles for Jack… he just keeps rocking up. He’s not a high-possession player, and that’s not what we value at this club. We want him to put on pressure and chase and run really hard. 

His GPS was could and his tackle and pressure numbers all suggest he played his role for us. It’s another good one for him who’s ready if an opportunity presents.

Oscar Adams

13 disposals, three inside-50s

Oscar played as a high half-back this week. We had four key backs so something had to give, and Oscar’s flexibility and agility allowed him to do that. It’s a good addition just to playing as a key back.

He got involved in our attack a little bit more higher up the ground and our chains, so it was a really good week for Oscar and I to assess different parts of defence. It’s not always about being the deepest pair, and further up the ground you’ve got decisions to make about turning your head, looking forward or whatnot, but he ran really hard.

James Van Es

13 disposals, four rebound-50s, three inside-50s

Same as Oscar, Big Jim played more of that mid to high-tier defender. He got a good look at playing on smalls and using the numbers around the stoppage to adjust his positioning.

Once again it was a different game, but a progression if we’re talking overall growth  for him.

He still has opportunities to play aggressive and assertive with team defence and he got his hands on the ball a little bit more - which isn’t overly a big bucket item for him - but he’s a beautiful kick and got some good inside-50s.