Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 9 match on the road against GWS.

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GWS  2.4  5.6  8.9  12.15 (87)
4.4  5.4  7.5  9.6 (60)

Derksen 3, Flynn 2, Lloyd 2, McMullin 2, Conn, Edmends, Feja
Segar 3, Lafituanai 2, Lohmann, Gown, Heath, Lowe

Fahey, Flynn, Rowston, Derksen, Gilbee, Lloyd, Davis
Bytel, Milne, Highmore, Connolly, Segar, Campbell, Seaton

Jack Bytel

36 disposals, 10 clearances, four inside-50s

Jack had a strong game in the midfield. He worked well with TC and Windy, won the ball for us inside the contest and also got some good use on the outside. Three rebound-50s as a midfielder is good as well, it showed his defensive intent, but he possibly could have gotten some more tackles with just the two there. All in all, it was good to get a full game into him, he ran out the game strongly which is what’s needed of him for when his opportunity comes at AFL level.

Jack Billings

24 disposals, five inside-50s, four rebound-50s

Another game on the wing for JB. He copped a corked quad late in the third quarter, so it probably impacted his ability to get up and down the ground for us in the last, but he built into the game nicely. We’ve just got to make sure that keeps going for the whole four quarters.


Marcus Windhager

25 disposals, five tackles, four clearances

It probably wasn’t as big of an impact compared to last week for Marcus. He had a good defensive focus going into the game, and while the stats didn’t show he had huge, huge numbers, his ability to fight when he needed to and set up behind the ball helped us. He can keep working on his hands in traffic, but he showed that when he’s at his best he’s too good for VFL level.

Leo Connolly

30 disposals, seven inside-50s, three rebound-50s

Leo got going with the ball in hand. He had seven inside-50s and three rebound-50s as a mid, which is a good sign of work rate. He was cramping in the last quarter which shows he was pushing himself to the limits as well. He needs to improve his in-tight contest work - no tackles as an inside mid needs to increase - but I think he had an improvement on previous weeks. I’m looking forward to keeping that going.

Tom Highmore

29 disposals, eight rebound-50s, six marks

Tommy had some really good contests throughout the day. His fight and scrap never wavered despite the opposition trying to pull us apart defensively. A couple of positioning opportunities for growth which we’ll review and get to work on. We’ve just got to make sure that we keep being aggressive going forward.

Max Heath

13 disposals, 10 hit-outs, one goal

Moose didn’t have as much of a contested marking impact as he did last week, but he was getting to some good spots. He’s learning every week about how to keep his opponent engaged ahead of the ball, and he had some really good opponents this week in Phil Davis and Lachie Keeffe to try that with. 

Zaine Cordy

18 disposals, seven rebound-50s, six marks 

It was the second game in a row for Cords in the backline. Like the rest of our defenders as a whole group, I think we were too ‘man-focussed’ and went into our shells a little bit when they tried to spread us, so it’s a good opportunity in the coming weeks to play with assertive positioning. He showed that when he did that, he won the ball back for us and impacted aerially. It’s just another reminder that we need to play to our strengths that we got.

Oscar Adams

16 disposals, four marks, two inside-50s

Oscar played high again, finding the balance between being staying involved versus turning around and defending your opponent. He’s reacting better behind the ball than previous weeks, so we just want to keep imploring him to keep playing with assertive positioning when he needs to. Oscar’s really smart and can impact in the air, so we’ve got to make sure that he’s putting himself in as many positions to do so. All in all, he’s progressing and it’s good to add another string to his bow.

Tom Campbell

28 hit-outs, 12 disposals, three marks

Tommy and Moose both had a good battle with Matt Flynn in the ruck. I don’t think Tommy had the same impact as he usually does and he still competed really strongly, but against a good opposition who challenged him forward as well, I think it was a good battle. He’s starting to take some clunks and he’s doing some work throughout the week on that, and it’ll be another one for him to keep progressing with moving forward.

Jack Peris

14 disposals, two tackles, one clearance

It was a quieter game stats-wise for Jack. He still ran really hard and had a bit of time in stoppages, but it wasn’t really a day for high half-forwards to get the ball. We didn’t move the ball overly well from the second quarter onwards which he was probably on the receiving end of, but he still ran his backside off.

James Van Es

Six disposals, three marks, one rebound-50

A quiet day for Jimmy playing as a mid-tier defender. He was probably a bit too focussed on his direct opponent when his absolute strength is marking it in the air and playing aggressively. It wasn’t really a day for contests - there was a lot of up-and-back with 62-52 inside-50s - so there wasn’t many opportunities for us to slow them down and impact them in the year.

Isaac Keeler

Eight disposals, four marks, three inside-50s

Isaac keeps competing. Like Moose, he would have got some really good learnings about how to keep his opponent engaged; when to lead at the ball versus when to post up and just be the long target. He got some good exposure in the forward-50 and the ruck, so we’ll keep getting minutes into him. His efforts are still going really well: that’s the number one thing, just building that base.