Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 15 match against Werribee.

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WERRIBEE  7.4  10.4  16.6  22.9 (141)
1.4  4.6  7.6  9.11 (65)

Mannagh 7, Sodomaco 4, Grintell 4, Declase 2, Cassar, Paea, Hayes, Gribble
Gown 2, Segar, Lohmann, Jones, Hotton, Heath, Harms, Billings

Mannagh, Sodomaco, Brew, Gribble, Coughlan, Malual
Jones, Paton, Heath, Gown, Billings, Milne

Zak Jones

35 disposals, 10 clearances, seven tackles, one goal

Jonesy played full midfield minutes this week. He was really good at outnumbering for us, which was a focus, and he gave us some good spark and drive when we won the ball back. There’s some stoppage work that can improve - he was a bit hit and miss at stoppages with defending versus attacking - but all in all, it was a pretty good game for Zak.


Jack Billings

15 disposals, three tackles, two inside-50s

JB played a solid game and he did some good things. He didn’t have heaps of the ball which is fine, but his ability to link up makes things happen. He has some defensive focuses as well about getting up in the opposition’s grill and being more assertive, and the next step is demanding from his teammates what he expects.

Max Heath

44 hit-outs, 12 disposals, one goal

Moose had the No. 1 ruck mantle this week and I think he did a relatively good job. A couple of times his ability to locate their ruck on turnover was a bit inconsistent, but he competed hard and his follow-up around the contest was really pleasing. It was a good opportunity for him to take a step forward while Tom Campbell was out.

Ben Paton

31 disposals, six inside-50s, two rebound-50s

Pato played mainly as a half-back and spent a bit of time on the wing. Once again, his drive with the ball in hand was really pleasing; 17 handball receives means he was getting to some good spots and we look better when the ball’s in his hands. We’re still working on some defensive decisions, especially around getting the opposition’s face and getting aggressive, so we’re just working on the consistency of that.


Tom Highmore

22 disposals, six rebound-50s, six tackles

It was a tougher day for Tom. He tried to play our system as much as possible, but that is reliant on pressure up the field and there was little of that. He got caught out a couple of times when he made strong decisions to play our system and stuck through them, but some really good learnings to come out of this game for Tom.

Zaine Cordy

17 disposals, seven marks, three tackles

Similar to Tom, Zaine was probably a bit man-focussed on defence. Without pressure up the field it’s hard to be assertive and play in front and aggressive, so we folded back and probably worried about our opponents a bit too much. When he did come forwards, Cords impacted and laid some good, strong tackles, but he needs to be more consistent in that area.

Olli Hotton

10 disposals, six tackles, one goal

Olli played more so as a high half-forward this week and got three shots at goal and six tackles from it. His work in and around the contest is pretty good and we’ll keep getting to work on that, so it’s now around the bigger, longer running patterns of a high half-forward. What his strengths are, he brought to the table.

Oscar Adams

18 disposals, six marks, one rebound-50

Oscar showed some good things on the weekend, however at times he went ‘all in’ with some decisions rather than taking it in a bit more and seeing there were better options. He wins the ball back for us really well, so the focus is to keep looking for that whilst also being mindful of the opposition's position. 

James Van Es

Six tackles, six hit-outs, five disposals

James played full forward this week because we were pretty thin in that area. Damian Carroll gave him the role of being there for a contest and putting on pressure and he did those two things. I don’t think it will be a move going forward, but if it is he would have learned a lot from this week.

James Van Es assumed the role of full forward this weekend for the Zebras. Photo: AFL Photos.

Leo Connolly

17 disposals, four inside-50s, two clearances

Leo showed glimpses of what he’s capable of, it’s just the consistency of stoppage bodywork which is what we’ve been focussing on over the last couple of weeks. It’s not going to happen straight away, but we need to keep improving in that area and imploring him to be the man and play with assertiveness. He moved to half-back in the last quarter to get some drive out of there for us, and he got the run and linked up through there.

Jack Bytel

12 disposals, five clearances, four tackles

Jack started the game really strongly, was good around the contest and was looking lively, and then unfortunately at half-time had some abdominal complaints that we’re still figuring out exactly what they are. Unfortunately he couldn’t finish off the game, which was disappointing because he’s playing good footy, but he’s just not getting any continuity.

Daniel McKenzie

12 disposals, four tackles, two clearances

D-Mac played three quarters for us on the weekend and just pulled up a little bit tight with his calf right on the bell of three-quarter time. We played it safe and we’ll wait to see what comes from that, but he was performing well and fingers crossed he’ll be able to get through ok.