Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 16 match against Casey.

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SANDRINGHAM 2.0  3.4  4.7  8.11 (59)
CASEY  4.6  6.8  9.13  13.15 (93)

Heath 3, Keeler, Peris, Hotton, Hipwell
Casey: Schache 4, Moniz-Wakefield 2, Laurie 2, Edwards 2, White, Harmes, van Rooyen

Campbell, Clark, Bytel, Heath, Highmore, Paton, Hayes
Casey: Harms, Tomlinson, Freeman, Dunstan, Schache, Laurie

Jack Hayes

14 disposals, six tackles, four marks

It was great to see Hayesy out there and just competing. His follow-up work as our second ruck was very good and he tried to play away with attack. I’m not sure if he’ll need another one or not (in the VFL), but he put in a good performance and I’m grateful he got through unscathed.

Hunter Clark

26 disposals, four inside-50s, four rebound-50s

Hunter played three quarters, half as a midfielder and a quarter off half-back. He got his hands to the ball a fair bit and got involved with our play, there were just some opportunities around the contest and around live defence with a bit of urgency that can improve slightly. He got through unscathed and his knee pulled up well, and that was the main focus.

Angus McLennan

10 disposals, four marks, three rebound-50s

It was great to see Gus out there, he’s put in a mountain of work after all his setbacks. He’s a natural footballer, very smart and sees things unfold. I thought he was a little slow at times to turn those into actions and he waited on his back heels a little bit, but he’s strong and tough and we saw that come out really well. It’s great for him to get through and am looking forward to seeing him finish off the year really strong.


Jack Peris

14 disposals, three tackles, one goal

Once again, another really good game for Jack. He got some reward on the scoreboard, his chase and pressure was strong and he played as a deep forward in the last quarter to mix things up. He crumbs really well so he got to some really good spots, so it was good to Jack for him to perform at his previous levels after not playing over the last fortnight.

Tom Campbell

39 hit-outs, 25 disposals, 12 clearances

Tom competed really well all day. His follow-up around the stoppage was a real standout with 21 contested possessions and 12 clearances and he played like a big man. He’s dropping some marks that are usually gettable for him, so he’s getting himself into some good spots but he’s just not finishing off his work as much as he’d like. It’s a good opportunity for growth going forward but he had a solid game overall.

Jack Bytel

30 disposals, 10 tackles, four clearances

Jack got through the whole game which was great after playing just a half last week. He was powerful in the midfield, drove his legs really well and was vocal on the ground trying to set us up on team defence, which is a new addition to Jack’s game. It’s good steps forward.

Ben Paton

21 disposals, seven clearances, three rebound-50s

Pato played three quarters off half-back and one on the wing and had a real intent to get after the opposition and squeeze up the ground on defence. He did that more often than not and took us forward with ball in hand at times, but there’s still some good opportunities for him to use his beautiful skillset. We want to see that as much as possible.

Tom Highmore

24 disposals, nine marks, eight rebound-50s

Tom had a good game on Jacob van Rooyen. We set him the task before the game and I think he did a really solid job. He defended really hard and at times defended a bit about van Rooyen too much when the ball was in the air and he decided to take the body rather than read the flight of the ball, which is his strength. It’s a little reminder about what makes him a good player, but all in all he should be happy with his performance.

Max Heath

13 disposals, 13 hit-outs, three goals

Moose has been putting a lot of work into his goal kicking and contested marking and we’re seeing that come out under the pressure of game-day. I reckon he would have learned a bit playing on their key defenders around bodywork and reading the flight of the ball, but when he gets a run and jump at it and when he initiates contact he’s arguably unbeatable. Another step forward, we’ve just got to keep seeing that progression.

Isaac Keeler

10 disposals, four marks, one goal

Isaac started the day like a house on fire. He’s got cat-like reflexes and has that ability to play tall and small despite his height. He got beaten by Adam Tomlinson on a couple of occasions, just a bit around technique and rawness in the contest, but I’m really pleased he was able to be exposed to an AFL quality defender so early on in his career. We’ll get to work on his contested marking and ability to fight through, but his chase and pressure was there so it was a good building game for Isaac.


Olli Hotton

13 disposals, four tackles, one goal

It’s Olli’s fifth or sixth game now and he’s starting to find his feet and mojo as a footballer. What’s the best Olli Hotton? It’s powerful in the stoppage and the ability to drive his legs and take on the tackle, and we saw that. He had some good growth areas from last week around defence and not flooding back and there was clear intent this week to get after them and intercept the ball as close to our goal as possible. He’s a great person to teach because he takes on all the information and tries to put it into play as much as possible.

Oscar Adams

Nine disposals, three marks, two tackles

All in all, Oscar did a really good job. He had a good battle against Josh Schache, who kicked four, but none of them were against Oscar. There’s a bit of contest work and technique going forward, and I felt at times Oscar got pushed out of the way a little bit through inexperience of knowing where his opponents around him. All in all though, it was a very solid outing.

James Van Es

Six disposals, three marks, three tables

Jim played forward last week, so to shift back into the defensive mindset was a big focus this week. He’s trying to build his brand as a physical and aggressive key defender which we’re seeing glimpses of this week, so the aim is to turn those into real consistencies each week. There’s a few technique things which he’s going to keep finding himself in situations during games, so it was good to see him back in defence and refining his craft.