Get the latest insight from Sandringham Senior Coach and St Kilda Development Coach Jake Batchelor following Sandringham's Round 18 match against Collingwood.

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COLLINGWOOD  2.1  4.5  5.7  9.10 (64)
2.6  3.7  4.10  6.12 (48)

Johnson 2, Ginnivan 2, Wilson, Richards, Murley, Macrae, Hustwaite
Lowe 2, Keeler, Heath, Gown, Allisson

Nick Coffield

28 disposals, eight marks

It was great to get 'Coff' back for his first full game. He played high half-back, third tall, and intercepted the ball well.

Matt Allison

16 disposals, three marks, one goal

It was Matty's first full game in a long time. He played on the wing and hit his GPS metrics really early in the game, which showed how hard he was working. It was one of the better games he's played since being at St Kilda, which says a lot given he's coming off a long-term injury.

Max Heath

18 disposals, 30 hit-outs, six clearances, three tackles, one goal

'Moose' had the ruck honours this week with Tom Campbell being the carry-over emergency. He was really aggressive in the contest and his follow-up work was really good. It wasn't a great day for big blokes around the ground, but he competed really strongly and rarely got out-marked.

Jack Peris

17 disposals, three marks, four tackles

Peris came back after an opportunity at AFL level last week. The pressure he applied was really pleasing. He had four tackles as a small forward, but there are some live and set defence positioning that we need to work on with him to complement his pressure game.

Ryan Byrnes

20 disposals, two marks, three tackles

Like Matty Allison, he was on the wing all day. We had a spare inside our defensive 50 all day because Ryan ran extremely hard to support the defence. We want him to get involved in our attacking play, and he did that with a good mixture of inside and outside ball.

Olli Hotton

28 disposals, three marks, four tackles

Olli is a full-time midfielder at the moment. He got some really good numbers, but probably fatigued in the last quarter like a lot of others. His first three quarters were really strong and powerful, and he looked decisive in and out of contests.

Tom Highmore

22 disposals, 10 marks, two tackles

Tom had a really solid game. He started like a house on fire with some great aerial contests. He puts his body on the line and he's extremely inspirational for anyone watching. As the game went on and dried up a little, he got a little bit stuck in still making wet-weather decisions, but he's improving in that area overall.

Ben Paton

20 disposals, six marks, five tackles

Paton played high half-back and had a role on Jack Ginnivan. Although Ginnivan scored and got the ball, most of it wasn't to do with Paton - he actually played a solid game, kept coming forward for us and was aggressive in defence.

Leo Connolly

19 disposals, three marks, four tackles

Leo took a while to get going, but his last quarter was his best. When we needed to win the game, he really got going and the drive through his legs is second to none. We've just got to keep imploring him to do that from the start of the game, but his stoppage work is getting better and he's doing a lot of work with 'BJ' Brendon Goddard about initiating contact and being explosive and light on his feet.

Oscar Adams

18 disposals, two marks, two tackles

Oscar came back from a slight MCL strain that he suffered two weeks ago. He used the conditions to his advantage. We're working on his decision-making around whether to go to contests or stay back and defend, and he's improving in that area.

Angus McLennan

14 disposals, five marks, two tackles

It was Gus' second proper game back from injury. He's a natural footballer who understands the game. He took a little bit of time to get used to the conditions with some bigger bodies in his face, but I'm looking forward to watching his progression over the rest of the season.

Isaac Keeler

12 disposals, two marks, three hit-outs, one goal

Keeler started really strongly with a great contested mark and our first goal. As the game went on, his impact dropped off. We need to keep finding ways to keep him engaged physically and mentally to finish off games. He got some good ruck minutes this week as the second ruck, and although his focus is mainly as a forward, it's a good opportunity for him to work on his ruck craft.