Coach/Player Honour Board

Year Coach Captain Trevor Barker Award/Best & Fairest Leading Goalkicker
2023 Ross Lyon Jack Steele Jack Sinclair (2) Jack Higgins (36)
2022 Brett Ratten Jack Steele Jack Sinclair Max King (52)
2021 Brett Ratten Jarryn Geary, Jack Steele Jack Steele (2) Max King (38)
2020 Brett Ratten Jarryn Geary Jack Steele Dan Butler (29)
2019 Alan Richardson Jarryn Geary Sebastian Ross (2) Tim Membrey (44)
2018 Alan Richardson Jarryn Geary Jack Steven (4) Jade Gresham (35)
2017 Alan Richardson Jarryn Geary Sebastian Ross Tim Membrey (38)
2016 Alan Richardson Nick Riewoldt Jack Steven (3) Tim Membrey (44)
2015 Alan Richardson Nick Riewoldt Jack Steven (2) Josh Bruce (50)
2014 Alan Richardson Nick Riewoldt Nick Riewoldt (6) Nick Riewoldt (49)
2013 Scott Watters Nick Riewoldt Jack Steven Nick Riewoldt (50)
2012 Scott Watters Nick Riewoldt Lenny Hayes (3) Stephen Milne (56)
2011 Ross Lyon Nick Riewoldt Sam Fisher (2) Stephen Milne (56)
2010 Ross Lyon Nick Riewoldt Lenny Hayes (2) Stephen Milne (57)
2009 Ross Lyon Nick Riewoldt Nick Riewoldt (5) Nick Riewoldt (78)
2008 Ross Lyon Nick Riewoldt Sam Fisher Nick Riewoldt (65)
2007 Ross Lyon Lenny Hayes, Nick Riewoldt, Luke Ball (co-captains) Nick Riewoldt (4) Fraser Gehrig (59)
2006 Grant Thomas Luke Ball Nick Riewoldt (3) Fraser Gehrig (71)
2005 Grant Thomas Nick Riewoldt Steven Baker, Luke Ball Fraser Gehrig (78)
2004 Grant Thomas Lenny Hayes Nick Riewoldt (2) Fraser Gehrig (103)
2003 Grant Thomas Aaron Hamill Lenny Hayes Fraser Gehrig (55)
2002 Grant Thomas Robert Harvey Nick Riewoldt Stephen Milne (50)
2001 Malcolm Blight, Grant Thomas Robert Harvey Peter Everitt Barry Hall (44)
2000 Tim Watson Nathan Burke Andrew Thompson Peter Everitt (40)
1999 Tim Watson Nathan Burke Nathan Burke (3) Barry Hall (41)
1998 Stan Alves Nathan Burke, Stewart Loewe Robert Harvey+ (4) Jason Heatley (48)
1997 Stan Alves Nathan Burke, Stewart Loewe Robert Harvey+ (3) Jason Heatley (73)
1996 Stan Alves Nathan Burke, Stewart Loewe Nathan Burke (2) Stewart Loewe (90)
1995 Stan Alves Danny Frawley Nicky Winmar (2) Stewart Loewe (76)
1994 Stan Alves Danny Frawley Robert Harvey (2) Tony Lockett (56)
1993 Ken Sheldon Danny Frawley Nathan Burke Tony Lockett (53)
1992 Ken Sheldon Danny Frawley Robert Harvey Tony Lockett (132)
1991 Ken Sheldon Danny Frawley Tony Lockett (2) Tony Lockett (127)
1990 Ken Sheldon Danny Frawley Stewart Loewe Tony Lockett (65)
1989 Darrel Baldock Danny Frawley Nicky Winmar Tony Lockett (78)
1988 Darrel Baldock Danny Frawley Danny Frawley Nicky Winmar (43)
1987 Allan Davis, Darrel Baldock Danny Frawley Tony Lockett+ Tony Lockett (117)
1986 Graeme Gellie Trevor Barker Greg Burns (2) Tony Lockett (60)
1985 Graeme Gellie Trevor Barker Paul Morwood Tony Lockett (79)
1984 Tony Jewell, Graeme Gellie Trevor Barker Greg Burns Tony Lockett (77)
1983 Tony Jewell Trevor Barker Max Crow Mark Jackson (41)
1982 Alex Jesaulenko Bruce Duperouzel Peter Kiel Mark Scott (45)
1981 Alex Jesaulenko Alex Jesaulenko, Bruce Duperouzel Trevor Barker (2) Con Gorozidis (34)
1980 Mike Patterson, Alex Jesaulenko Garry Sidebottom Jeff Dunne (2) Mark Scott (48)
1979 Mike Patterson Barry Breen Jeff Dunne Garry Sidebottom (56)
1978 Mike Patterson Gary Colling Graeme Gellie George Young (70)
1977 Ross G. Smith Carl Ditterich Jeff Sarau (2) George Young (58)
1976 Allan Jeans Carl Ditterich Trevor Barker George Young (52)
1975 Allan Jeans Barry Lawrence Jeff Sarau George Young (53)
1974 Allan Jeans, Eric Guy Barry Lawrence Glenn Elliott Bruce Duperouzel (28)
1973 Allan Jeans Stuart Trott Kevin Neale Allan Davis (49)
1972 Allan Jeans, Eric Guy Ross Smith Stuart Trott John Stephens (53)
1971 Allan Jeans Ross Smith Ross Smith (2) Allan Davis (70)
1970 Allan Jeans Ross Smith Daryl Griffiths Barry Breen (35)
1969 Allan Jeans Ian Stewart Bob Murray Kevin Neale (50)
1968 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Carl Ditterich Kevin Neale (32)
1967 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Ross Smith+ Kevin Neale (37)
1966 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Ian Stewart+ (2) Kevin Neale (55)
1965 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Darrel Baldock (3) Darrel Baldock (44)
1964 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Ian Stewart Darrel Baldock (29)
1963 Allan Jeans Darrel Baldock Darrel Baldock (2) Darrel Baldock (36)
1962 Allan Jeans Neil Roberts Darrel Baldock Darrel Baldock (33)
1961 Allan Jeans Neil Roberts Lance Oswald (2) Ian Rowland (26)
1960 Jim Francis Neil Roberts Lance Oswald Bill Young (37)
1959 Jim Francis Neil Roberts Verdun Howell+ Bill Young (45)
1958 Alan Killigrew Brian Gleeson Neil Roberts+ (2) Bill Young (56)
1957 Alan Killigrew Keith Drinan Brian Gleeson+ Bill Young (56)
1956 Alan Killigrew Keith Drinan Keith Drinan (2) Bill Young (56)
1955 Les Foote Les Foote Neil Roberts Jack McDonald (24)
1954 Les Foote Les Foote Les Foote Jim A. Ross (34)
1953 Col Williamson Keith Drinan Keith Drinan Peter Bennett (36)
1952 Col Williamson Keith Drinan Jim Ross (3) Jack McDonald (31)
1951 Fred Green Keith Drinan Jim Ross (2) Peter Bennett (47)
1950 Fred Froude Fred Green Bruce Phillips Peter Bennett (59)
1949 Fred Froude Fred Green Jim Ross Jack McDonald (33)
1948 Fred Froude Harold Bray Robert Hancock Peter Bennett (32)
1947 Allan Hird Allan Hird Harold Bray (2) Peter Bennett (37)
1946 Allan Hird Allan Hird Keith Rosewarne Sam Loxton (40)
1945 Hugh Thomas Clarrie Vontom Harold Bray Jim Hall (21)
1944 Hugh Thomas Frank Kelly, Clarrie Vontom Reg Garvin (2) Sam Loxton (52)
1943 Reg Garvin Reg Garvin Ken Walker (2) Jack Connelly (27)
1942 Reg Garvin Reg Garvin Ken Walker Frank Kelly (21)
1941 Jack Knight Jack Knight Reg Garvin Bob Flegg (47)
1940 Ansell Clarke Stan Lloyd Alan Killigrew Bill Mohr (25)
1939 Ansell Clarke Ansell Clarke Roy Fountain Bill Mohr (47)
1938 Ansell Clarke, Bill Patterson Ansell Clarke Stan Lloyd Bill Mohr (34)
1937 Dan Minogue Bill Mohr Jack Davis (3) Bill Mohr (58)
1936 Dan Minogue Jack Perkins Bill Mohr (2) Bill Mohr (101)
1935 Dan Minogue Clarrie Hindson Jack Davis (2) Bill Mohr (83)
1934 Colin Watson Colin Watson Jack Davis Bill Mohr (66)
1933 Col Deane Col Deane, Clarrie Hindson Harry Comte Bill Mohr (74)
1932 Charlie Hardy, Stuart King Stuart King Bill Mohr Bill Mohr (68)
1931 Charlie Hardy Harold Matthews Harry Neill Bill Mohr (57)
1930 Bill Cubbins Bill Cubbins Fred Phillips Bill Mohr (83)
1929 George Sparrow Bill Cubbins Bill Cubbins (4) Bill Mohr (38)
1928 George Sparrow Horrie Mason, Bill Cubbins Bill Cubbins (3) Bert Smedley (50)
1927 George Heinz George Heinz, Horrie Mason Harold Matthews (2) John Shelton (24)
1926 Norm Clark Bill Cubbins Horrie Mason, Harold Matthews John Shelton (47)
1925 Norm Clark Bill Cubbins, Barney Carr Cyril Gambetta John Shelton (42)
1924 Wels Eicke Wels Eicke Colin Watson Jack James (28)
1923 Dave McNamara Dave McNamara Bill Cubbins (2) Harold Moyes (29)
1922 Dave McNamara Bill Cubbins Barney Carr Harold Moyes (23)
1921 Charlie Ricketts Charlie Ricketts, Stan Williams Bill Cubbins Harold Moyes (32)
1920 Charlie Ricketts, George Sparrow Roy Cazaly Wally Cameron Jack James (13)
1919 Wels Eicke Wels Eicke Wels Eicke (3) Jack James (12)
1918 Jimmy Smith Harry Lever Roy Cazaly Dave McNamara (17)
1917 - - - -
1916 - - - -
1915 Jimmy Smith Gordon Dangerfield Wels Eicke (2) Harold Moyes (32)
1914 Dave McNamara Harry Lever, Dave McNamara Wels Eicke Dave McNamara (48)
1913 George Sparrow Harry Lever - Ernie Sellars (53)
1912  - George Morrissey - Ernie Sellars (44)
1911 Eddie Drohan Gordon Dangerfield - Ernie Sellars (22)
1910 Sam Gravenall - Artie Thomas (15)
1909 Jimmy Smith Vic Barwick - Vic Barwick (16)
1908 Mick Grace Jack Wells - Jim F. Stewart (28)
1907 Jack Wells - Dave McNamara, Jim F. Stewart (21)
1906 Alex Hall Jimmy Smith - Dave McNamara (23)
1905 Vic Barwick - Charlie Baker (19)
1904 Jimmy Smith - Charlie Baker (30)
1903 Bill Jackson, Jimmy Smith - Charlie Baker (22)
1902 Joe Hogan - Charlie Baker (30)
1901 Dick McCabe, Jimmy Smith - Cecil Sandford (9)
1900 Cecil Sandford - George Sutherland (13)
1899 Billy Shaw - Andy Stewart (16)
1898 Billy Shaw - Andy Stewart (23)
1897 Billy Shaw - Bill Ahern, Reg Stewart (6)


AFLW Coach/Player Honour Board

Year Coach Captain Best & Fairest Leading Goalkicker
2023 Nick Dal Santo Hannah Priest Jaimee Lambert Nat Exon (9)
2022 (Season Seven) Nick Dal Santo Hannah Priest Kate Shierlaw Kate Shierlaw (13)
2022 Nick Dal Santo Hannah Priest Bianca Jakobsson Nicola Xenos (6)
2021 Peta Searle Catherine Phillips, Hannah Priest, Kate Shierlaw, Rhiannon Watt Georgia Patrikios (2) Caitlin Gresier (9)
2020 Peta Searle Catherine Phillips, Kate Shierlaw, Rhiannon Watt Rosie Dillon, Caitlin Gresier, Georgia Patrikios, Olivia Vesely Caitlin Greiser (10)

Life Members

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Year Member Position
1895 W Stiffe* Player/Committee. Walter Everett "Toby" Stiffe played 73 games and kicked 7 goals from 1886-1890. He was on the Committee from 1887-1888.
1895 A Smith* Player. Alf Smith was St Kilda's first great champion, playing 161 games and kicking 72 goals from 1886-1894. He also filled in for one VFL game in 1898.He was captain in 1887 and 1893-1894.
1898 C G Wilson* Player/Secretary. Charles Geldart  “Gillie” Wilson was a player from 1887 to 1896 in 82 games, kicking 9 goals in the VFA. He played two games in the VFL as a fill-in in 1897 and 1900. He was a major figure as an official and was on the committee from 1888 to 1903, secretary from 1893 to 1898 and Vice President from 1900 to 1903. He was delegate to the VFA  in 1891 and 1892 and to the VFL from 1900-1901. As a cricketer he played three games for Victoria.
1907 G Sydenham* President/Committee. Sydenham was on the St Kilda committee from 1893 to 1909 and again in 1912. He was Vice-President from 1898 to 1904. During that time the president was George Turner, the local state member who became Premier. Turner’s role at St Kilda was ceremonial and the control lay with Sydenham and other vice-presidents. Sydenham was president from 1905-1909.
1907 J Hogan* Player
1908 E L Jones* Player/ President/Committee – Ernest Leighton “Curly” Jones was a rover who began in 1892 and played 69 games and kicked 4 goals up until 1896 in the VFA. He played a further 12 games and kicked one goal in the VFL from 1897 to 1898.  His first year on the committee was 1897 and then from 1902-1909. He was President in 1921, then left the committee and was again President from 1927 to 1929. He was again on the Committee as Vice President in 1932. 
1908 G Inskip* George Inskip served during the 1898 to 1915 period as Club Secretary and also served as delegate to the VFL. 
1911 W H Stoddart* Committee.  Joined the committee in 1906 and served until 1912. During that time he was secretary from 1907 to 1911.  
1911 G W Hatch* George Hatch was a player in 1886-1887 and was a committeeman in 1887 and from 1898 to 1915. 
1911 J L Williams*  
1918 G Dangerfield* Player
1918 A Steele* Committee . On Committee 1915, he had been noted prior to that for organising outings, social evenings and amusements for the players. 
1920 W H Eicke* Player
1920 H Lever* Player
1921 A Conquest* Timekeeper and also Auditor for many years up until 1921. 
1922 E Collins* Player
1922 H M Woodcock* Player
1923 V Barwick* Player
1923 D J McNamara* Player
1924 R K Cole* Committee. Delegate to the VFL 1923-1924.
1924 W T Cubbins* Player
1924 W H Hanbury* Committee 1921-22.
1924 W Moyes* Committee
1927 J James* Player
1927 E A Walker* Committee 1924-1926.
1928 J Irvine* Secretary.  After starting as honorary assistant secretary he was Secretary and Delegate to the VFL 1924-1932.
1929 J McConnell* Trainer/Property Steward . He was a trainer from 1892 and then was the Property manager from 1923 up to 1932.
1930 C O Carr* Player
1931 J Lee-Atkinson* Committee/Club Doctor. He was Club Doctor from the  early 1920s and on the committee from  1926-1932.
1932 C Gambetta* Player
1932 A T Mason* Player
1932 A B Murie* Bert Murie was on the committee from 1923-32 and was also the Honorary First Aid Officer
1932 V Murie* Reserves President. Val Murie subsequently became the president of the VFL reserve Grade competition. The Murie Cup was first presented in 1940 to the player who ran second in the reserves best and fairest, then from 1970 to the player aggregated in the most votes across firsts, reserves and under-19s. The Murie Cup was discontinued after 1978.
1934 R Bence* Player
1934 H Matthews* Player
1937 W Roberts* Player
1938 W Mohr* Player
1938 J Paterson* Trainer. Jack “Banjo” Paterson began as a trainer in 1918 He was Head Trainer from 1931 until his retirement due to illness in 1941. He also coached St Kilda in one game in 1938 when the coach was ill.
1939 P Mitchell* Committee. Tam Mitchell was a member of the Committee 1933-41.
1939 C Reilly* Property Steward. Charlie Reilly was Property Steward from 1934 to 1948 then stepped back to be Property Advisor.
1941 C H Nelson* Committee/President . Joined the committee in 1934 and was President from 1935-37.
1941 G Smith* Gordon Smith was Ticket Secretary andAssistant Secretary.
1942 W Coleman* Trainer.  He was a trainer from 1930 to 1939, and was later the club’s doorman.
1943 W Hamilton* Trainer. He was a trainer from 1924 to 1940.
1943 E J Hannah* Secretary. Ernie Hannah was Secretary from 1934 to 1942.
1944 A Knights* Trainer. Arthur Knights began as a trainer in 1931 and was Head Trainer from 1942 to 1953 before illness forced him to relinquish the post. 
1944 S Lloyd* Player.
1945 W H McKechnie* President/Committee. Bill McKechnie initially served on the committee from 1924 to 1925. He rejoined the committee from 1933 as Vice President and was in that role until 1937. He was President in 1938 and was Delegate to the VFL from 1934 to 1938.
1945 J K Stewart* Committee. Jack Stewart was Vice President from 1935 to 1941 and delegate to the VFL from 1938 to 1941.
1946 R Fountain* Player
1946 R Garvin* Player
1946 S Keith* Reserves Committee/Timekeeper. He began as timekeeper for the reserves and later occupied the role with the seniors until 1962.
1946 S Snell* Player
1946 C Williamson* Player/Coach.
1948 G W Minty* Committee/President. Vice President from 1942 to 1944 and President for part of 1945 then Vice President again from 1946 to 1952.
1949 J J Doolan* Trainer. He was a trainer from 1934 to 1939.
1949 E A Sanneman* Player/Committee.  On the committee from 1947 to 1949.
1949 R L Wilkie* Player
1950 H C Bray* Player
1950 F W Johnson* Trainer
1950 K A Youlden* Committee.
1951 F Lacey* Trainer  
1951 C H Vontom * Player
1951 T Wittingslow* Trainer. He was a trainer from 1944 to 1952.
1951 H K Youlden* Committee. /Secretary. Keith Youlden was a committee member from 1943 to 1955. He was secretary in 1944 and 1945, delegate to the VFL from 1945 to 1955 and treasurer from 1947 to 1955.
1952 D A McDonald* Committee. He was on the Committee from 1947 to 1953. 
1952 J D Nisbet* Player/Committee. Des Nisbet played 110 games from 1944 to 1952  after which he captain-coached the reserves in 1954. He joined the committee in 1957, was vice-president from 1959-1960, and 1963-1970 and served continually until retiring as a board member in 1979. He joined the match committee in 1958 and became Chairman of Selectors in 1959 and served in that role until 1979.
1954 A W Berry* Reserves Secretary. Bert Berry was honorary secretary of the reserves from 1944 to 1954.
1954 A E Day* Player/Selector. Bert Day played 25 games from 1924 to 1927. He was on the Committee from 1947 to 1956.
1955 C R F Banfield* Committee. Charlie Banfield was on the committee from 1945 to 1956. He was vice-president from 1947 to 1956.
1955 E Clarkson* Reserves Official. Ted Clarkson was vice president of the reserves from 1947 to 1955.
1955 C Farrow* Committee. He was on the Committee from 1948 to 1952 and also served as assistant secretary.
1955 K J Mulhall Player
1955 R Sackville* President. Reuben Sackville was President from 1946 to 1956.
1957 K Drinan* Player
1957 H Neill* Player/Committee.  Harold Neill played 84 games from 1927 to 1933 and won the best and fairest in 1931. He was a Committeeman from  1956 to 1959.
1958 A Killigrew* Player/Coach
1958 K H Walker* Player/Coach
1959 B E Gleeson Player
1959 F Henley* Trainer. He was a trainer from 1946 and became head trainer from 1954 to 1979.
1959 B O Phillips* Player
1959 N E Roberts Player
1959 C Watson* Player
1960 G Alford* Committee. George Alford was on the Committee from 1952-1960.
1960 J A Davis* Player
1960 R Dixon* Official. Ron Dixon was Thirds President  1955-1960.
1961 J A Ross * Player
1962 F Farrell* Committee. Fred Farrell was a committee member from 1953 to 1963. He was Assistant Timekeeper from 1954 and was timekeeper from 1963 until the time of his death in 1978.
1962 L Stephenson* Official. Len Stephenson was a long-serving committeeman for the Thirds.
1963 L Hallam* Committee. Laurie Hallam was a member of the committee from 1956 to 1979. 
1963 G G Huggins* President. Graham Huggins joined the committee in 1954 and worked tirelessly to rebuild the team as a recruiter. Appointed President in 1959 he held that role until the end of 1979 when he stood down. He remained on the Committee in 1980 and 1981. As a delegate to the VFL he held many roles.
1964 M I Nissen Doctor. Michael Nissen was the club doctor from     1956 to 1964.
1964 J H Parker* Committee. Jack Parker joined the committee in 1955 and was a Vice-President from 1956 and served on the committee until 1976.
1964 B J Walsh* Player
1965 A E Jeans* Player/Coach. Allan jeans played  77 games from 1955 to 1959 and was appointed coach in 1961. In a  coaching career that continued until 1976 he guided St Kilda to its first premiership.
1965 A Peak* Committee. Alec Peak played five games before World War II and in 1954 joined the committee. He was vice-president form 1955 to 1958 then left the committee. He rejoined as vice-president from 1963 to 1968.
1965 I H Stewart Player
1965 J Talbot* Committee Member. He was on the committee from 1956 to 1970, was Treasurer from 1956 to 1959 and Vice-President  from 1968 to 1970.
1966 G Andrew* Committee. George Andrew played nine games in 1938 and was on the committee from 1960. He was vice-president from 1961-1965.
1966 A G Morrow* Player
1967 D J Baldock* Player
1967 M Hartlett* V Committee. Murray Hartlett was on the committee from 1959 to 1970 and served as treasurer during that time.
1967 J Howell Player
1967 R G Smith Player
1969 B A Muir* Player/Committee
1969 I M Synman Player
1970 C R Keene* Clarence Roy (Tom) Keene joined the committee in 1966 and served on the committee/board until 1978.  He was president of the Social Club from 1971-1973
1970 R D Mountain* Committee. Reg Mountain was on the Committee from 1965 to the time of his death in 1971. He was president of the Social Club from 1970 to 1971.
1971 I A Drake* Secretary/Manager. Ian Drake was secretary from 1958 to 1977 (manager from 1965 to 1977). On the board from 1978 to 1979 he was Admin Co-Ordinator in 1980 Manager of the junior development  section. Which he founded, from 1981 to 1985. He acted as General Manager in 1986  and was a consultant in 1989.
1971 T N Thompson* Committee. Norm Thompson was on the committee from 1966 to 1969 and was delegate to the VFL in 1967.
1972 C R Ditterich Player
1972 R W Murray Player
1972 B R Mynott Player
1973 A Barnett* Property Steward.  Alf Barnett was assistant property steward from 1949 and was property steward from 1955 to 1974.
1973 R D F Breen Player
1973 J Gravell* Timekeeper. Jack Gravell played one senior game in 1943 and captained the reserves to premierships in 1942 and 1943. He was manager of the reserves for two decades.
1973 K C Neale* Player
1974 A E Davis Player
1974 J T Moran Player
1974 S F Trott Player
1975 G R Colling Player
1976 J M Perkins* Employee. Miss Jessie Perkins was office manager from 1961 to 1976 and was the first female life member.
1980 J Sarau Player
1981 J Y Crafti * Board Member/ Social Club President. “Yank “ Crafti was president of the Social Club from 1974 to 1985 and again from 1986 to 1991.
1981 M Edgeworth* Social Club Board. “Darby” Edgeworth was vice-president from  1969 to 1979.
1981 A Isaacs* Volunteer. Abe Isaacs was a volunteer in fund-raising and social activities for over two decades.
1983 G R Bricker* Don Bricker was the former president of VFA club Moorabbin and was a key figure in St Kilda’s move to Moorabbin.
1983 C R Tucker* Coterie. Ray Tucker was a long-time member of coterie groups at the club.
1984 J Briggs  
1984 T Laskey* Bootstudder. Tom Laskey was bootstudder from 1962 to 1985. 
1985 A Amad Coterie. Allan Amad was a long serving member of club coterie groups.
1985 R A Head* Player/committee. A member of the 1966 Premiership team he was on the board from 1979 to 1982.
1986 M Ryan* Social Club Board/Manager. Milton Ryan was a member of the Social Club board from 1974 and for more than two decades served in a number of roles.
1986 S Shneider Board Member - Social Club
1987 T Barker* Player
1987 G D Burns Player
1987 G Cunningham Player
1987 B Joyce Volunteer Media Relations. Brian Joyce provided media relations as a volunteer for a decade from 1980.
1987 B Lay* Bryce Lay was a long- time trainer from 1981.
1987 H McNutt Employee – Heather McNutt worked in the club’s office administration.
1987 J A O'Dea Player. After his playing career Jim O’Dea served as assistant coach of the under-19s, senior assistant coach  and was later a board member from 20 00.
1987 T I Payze* Player/President. A member of the 1966 Premiership side, he was chairman of the match committee from  1983 to 1985. He joined the board in 1983 and became President in 1985, remaining in that role until 1993.
1987 K Whiffen* Ken Whiffen was a trainer from 1964 , the club runner from 1967 to 1975 and remained as a trainer until  2014 when his service spanned half a century.
1991 R Edmonds* Volunteer. Bob Edmonds originally played in the under-19s and in later years was a volunteer in a variety of roles including administration.
1991 R Elphinstone Player
1991 S Ferguson Volunteer/Board. Sheena Ferguson was a founder of the Sinners supporter group and became the club’s  first female board member from 1987 to 1996.
1991 D Frawley* Player
1993 J Beveridge Recruiting Advisor
1993 D Grant Player
1993 A H Lockett Player
1993 R Marr Bob Marr was a long-time volunteer with the Social Club, performing many different roles.
1993 T Riley* Volunteer  .
1994 G Day Heritage Museum Curator. Georgie Day was part of the Sinners’ Supporters Group from 1979 and from 1999 became the Curator of the St Kilda Museum.
1994 P Young* Phil Young was the club’s dentist and looked after countless players from 1965 to 1994.
1995 J Center* Jim Center joined the Social Club committee in 1978 and was Social Club President from 1994. From 1998 to 2000 he was vice president of the football club board after the social club merged.
1995 M Dwyer Player
1995 S Loewe Player
1995 R Trimble  Rex Trimble was involved in fundraising and the junior development department for 15 years and was a board member from 1987 to 1994.
1996 R Davies Rhonda Davies served as a volunteer in various roles at the club.
1996 J Kortum* John Kortum was a Coterie member and leading light I the Social Club.
1996 W Parrish* Bill Parrish was a Board Member from 1979 to 1985.
1996 J Ulbrick* Volunteer. Joan Ulbrick was a member of the Angels who served the club in many areas.
1997 S Breen Sandy Breen worked as a volunteer both in providing graphic artist services and also assisting in the running of match day functions. Originated the cheer squad in 1961.
1997 N Burke Player
1997 W Cameron Wallace Cameron was a long-time benefactor of the club and served on the board from 1989 to 1991.
1997 J Edgar Jan Edgar was a founding member of the Angels Supporter group.
1997 H Fraser Harold Fraser was a key person in the social club and was president of the social club from 1992 to 1993.
1997 R Harvey Player
1997 B Healey Through his involvement with coterie groups Brian Healey joined the board in 1987 and remained there until 1994. He was chairman of the board in 1994 and a VFL director.
1997 J Moran* John Moran was a Board Member from 1979 to 1986 and was a VFL director. He continued to provide wise counsel at the highest level.
1997 D Tennent Board Member. David Tennent spent 10 years on the Social Club board from 1986 and when the social and football clubs merged he was part of the joint committee for two further seasons. He also ran several coteries.
1997 N Winmar Player
1998 G Ryan Gerry Ryan was a board member from 1987 and 1999 serving as Finance Director and then Vice President from 1997.
1999 L Mutch Lew Mutch was President of the West Australian Supporter Group and started it from scratch. The group became a major fundraiser. 
1999 G Planner Greg Planner began in a voluntary role with the under-19s as runner, manager and administrator in 1983 and then worked as senior statistician up until 1999.
2000 B Cobb Bill Cobb was a long-time member of the Cheer Squad and eventually became one of its leaders.
2000 I Meldrum Ian “Molly” Meldrum was instrumental in forming the club’s cheer squad in 1961 and continued to passionately promote the club publicly over the next five decades. 
2000 I Moyle Ivy Moyle was a long-serving member of the club as a Volunteer and members of the Angels supporter group.  
2000 A Plympton Andrew Plympton was a member of club coterie groups for 12 years before joining the board from 1991 and was St Kilda’s AFL director from 1992 then became President from 1994 to 2000.
2000 I Scott Ian Scott was a Board Member from 1997 to 2000 responsible for marketing.
2000 J Scott

Jim Scott was awarded his life membership in 2000. Across 38 years, he was a trainer then bootstudder.

2000 D Stanley Del Stanley was a volunteer working for the Sinners supporter group and also assisted in various roles around the club.
2002 P Everitt Player
2002 J Peckett Player
2002 B Ross Volunteer - Cheer Squad. Barry Ross was a long-time organiser of the cheer squad.
2004 R Holmesby Russell Holmesby was appointed Club Historian from 1975 onwards and has written four books on the history of the club.
2004 A Turner Andrew Turner was a Club Statistician for over 20 years at both Reserve and AFL Level. 
2005 P Kennett Pat Kennett assisted the club in a wide range of voluntary roles. 
2005 R Kennett Reg Kennett was a long-time volunteer whose assistance was evident in many facets of the club.
2005 J Myott Judy Myott assisted in many voluntary activities before becoming  a long term employee in the club administration.
2005 B Sullivan Brett Sullivan began with the club as a curator in 1982 and has carried out the role for the next four decades.
2007 S Buckland Employee. Su Buckland was secretary of the Football department
2007 D Campbell Trainer. Dennis Campbell went beyond the call of duty as a trainer for the senior team by also assisting in every VFL game when the AFL side was not playing.
2007 M Hudghton Player
2007 A Jones Player
2007 A Thompson Player
2009 G Caley Official. Greg Caley oversaw the video operations of the club and worked in other voluntary capacities.
2009 L Hayes Player
2009 I Henderson Doctor/Surgeon. Ian Henderson was the club’s orthopaedic surgeon for 26 years from 1983 to 2009.
2010 S Baker Player
2010 N Besanko Player
2011 J Blake Player
2011 N Dal Santo Player
2011 J Koschitzke Player
2011 S Milne Player
2011 L Montagna Player
2011 N Riewoldt Player
2012 R Bartram Rob Bartram joined the club as a trainer in 1991 and continued for three decades.
2012 K Gurry Kevin Gurry was a recruiter from 1985 to 2018.
2012 G Duncan Gordon Duncan’s involvement has spanned membership of the Board from 1996 to 1998, chairman of the Halo Coterie from 1990 to 1995, Social Club board member 1994 to 1995 and sponsor from the early 2000s.
2012 J Gdanski Board Member. John Gdanski was a board member from 2001 to 2012.
2012 B Goddard Player
2012 R Levin Board Member. Ross Levin was a board member from 1999 to 2012.
2012 P Lilley Trainer
2012 P Mawson Volunteer - Cheer Squad. Pam Mawson was the head of the Cheer Squad.
2012 D Wilkins Danny Wilkins was a long term recruiter.
2013 L Burns Curator. Len Burns
2013 B Duperouzel Player
2013 B Eva As Club Function Host Bruce Eva was master of ceremonies for club events both in Melbourne and interstate.
2013 S Fisher  Player
2013 L Gandolfo Volunteer. Lyn Gandolfo was part of the Halo Coterie committee for 15 years including 12 years as chairperson.
2015 S Gilbert  Player
2015 G Gniel  Team Manager. Greg Gniel began as team manager in  1996 and continues to carry out the role.
2015 A Waddington Trainer. Andrew Waddington began as a bootstudder in 1995 and after gaining accreditation was a trainer from 1997 and became head trainer in 2008.
2016 I Stone Club Doctor. Ian Stone has been club doctor for St Kilda continuously from 1996.
2016 D Armitage Player
2017 J Geary Player
2017 J Steven Player
2017 S Dempster Player
2017 P Thomas Physio. Peter Thomas was Club Physiotherapist from 1987 to 2003.
2017 G Leal Recruiter. Starting in 1997 Greg Leal has been a recruiter covering SANFL and juniors in South Australia.
2017 P Maddern Property Manager. Peter Maddern began in the role of Property Manager in 1997 and in that capacity has undertaken a myriad of roles in the subsequent three decades.
2018 D Meyers  
2019 J Newnes Player
2020 A Connolly  
2020 P Summers Club President
2021 A Hamill Player and assistant coach
2021 M. Jordan  
2021 S Ross Player
2022 A Brown Player and player welfare manager
2022 D Sexton Club administrator and Head of Football Operations
2023 R Butterss Club President
2023 G Thomas Player and senior coach
2023 G Westaway Club President