"Even just being back there with a bit of leadership and being almost the eyes of the team... personally I'm pretty pleased with my year, still feel like I've got to improve on but for me what matters most is winning, and we haven't done that enough."

Jack Sinclair joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to talk about his career-best season following a move to half-back, stepping up as a leader of the side and the three words which he carries with him - literally - into every game.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:22 - The fallout from Round 22
2:25 - Thriving off half-back
4:11 - Refreshment and an odd feeling 
5:38 - Refining the leadership qualities and sharing experiences
8:00 - The emergence of Tom Highmore and Leo Connolly
9:17 - Plugger at game 100 and Sincs' biggest supporters
11:52 - The secret behind EDW
14:35 - Reflecting on Season 2021
17:07 - Virgil, uni and D-Mac
18:25 - Keeping the mullet, yes or no?

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