A RARE insight into Alan Richardson’s coaching has been revealed following Sunday’s nail-biting two-point win over Melbourne.

With the game on the line and just seconds remaining, St Kilda’s coaches’ box went dead quiet in anticipation of what was to come.

When the ball took a right turn and fell into Leigh Montagna’s arms, Richardson shouted ‘We’re through, we’re through!’ The veteran promptly ran into an open goal and put the Saints into the lead. 

For a coach who is known for his measured approach and level head, this was a moment of raw passion. 

Prior to this, the audio and vision details a number of measured conversations between the coach, his players or the runner. 

Since its release on Wednesday evening, the feedback on social media and talkback radio has been nothing short of incredible. Saints fans, media pundits and general football fans have spoken glowingly of not just Richardson, but also the unique media access.

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The following posts are just a snapshot of what has been said over the past 24 hours: