For some, the first bounce of a new season is non-negotiable.

For others, it heralds the familiar rhythm of winter.

For all of us, it means footy’s back.

This year, it’ll just look a little different.

The members’ wing at Marvel won’t be throbbing with red, white and black.

The crescendo as the boys walk up that race for the first time in a new year won’t be heard.

And the roaring thunder won’t be felt when Max King goes near it for the first time.

But you’ll still be there.

Every member, every supporter, every person who bleeds red, white and black.

Every player; past, present and future.

The giants of St Kilda. Those who’ve gone before and those still to come.

You’re woven into each of our jumpers. You’re each a part of this.

We’ll run out with our heads held high, because we know there’s an army of thousands at our backs.

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your creed, race or religion.

We’re united behind a single banner of red, white and black.

This Sunday, we play for you.