In this current tough time we are all experiencing, I just wanted to write and reinforce my support for the St Kilda Football Club and let you know I will not be seeking any sort of refund on my premium membership despite the absence of games being played.

Please continue to debit my membership fees as normal and consider them a donation to the club in this trying time.

Over the many years I've supported this club, it has given me so much entertainment, highs and lows and a sense of belonging to a special club.

I have always been an avid football follower and a Saints member when funds have allowed. Recently, I have enjoyed being able to afford a premium membership and the benefits that come with it.

As a teenager, I lived and died by the exploits of Plugger, Banger, Spud, Buckets and many others.

The sense of pride I felt when one of ‘our boys’ played for Victoria was a highlight of what were mainly lean times.

Pictured: Tony Lockett and Danny Frawley in the Big V

As much as I love those that pull on the red, white and black (and I do), players are transient. They come and go, change clubs, retire and get delisted. But for us loyal supporters, there is no retiring. We are there through the generations, putting our money, time and heart into the club we love.

I kept scrapbooks and books of stats, footy cards...any memorabilia I could get my hands on. It was an easy go-to for family looking for a birthday or Christmas present - anything with the Saints logo on it!

I cried when Plugger went to Sydney and when Darren Jarman stole our premiership dream away before my eyes. I cheered when BJ took that towering mark in the drawn Grand Final and when Michael Gardiner did the same in that epic game against Geelong in 2009.

I've ridden the bumps, copped the derision from opposition supporters and felt the exhilaration of the roar of the Saints crowd in big moments. I've seen optimism turn into disappointment and hope turn into pain.

But this club has been such a big part of my life, there is no value I could put on what it has given me.

At 44 years of age, I still enjoy going to training when I can and taking my daughter for a kick of the footy on the oval in quiet times. She is developing an affinity for the Saints and it warms my heart, my two great loves coming together.

I send my best wishes to everyone involved in the club and hope everyone gets through this unprecedented threat safe and well. I'm a small business owner and there is a lot of uncertainty about what lies ahead, but hopefully we can all get through this together.

Best wishes to all!

Fortius Quo Fidelius.

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