A man known to generations of Saints players has passed away.

Cliff Prior was a property steward for the Saints from 1982 and eventual became chief property steward by the time he finished at the end of 1997.

Cliff was much more than his title described. He was a jack of all trades who happily carried out a myriad for duties during his time at the club – a real Mister Fix-it if ever there was one.

Gary Colling, who was the Saints Football Manager in that era recalls that Cliff Prior and his offsiders Mick Cusack and Kevin Downard were like “a team within a team “ as they ran the property room.

“They were the three musketeers. Cliff was the straight man and Mick and Kevvie were the jesters. There were always jokes and life wasn’t meant to be taken too seriously.”

Cliff was the traditionally tight Property chief, but when players were knocked back with requests for extra gear, Mick Cusack would mutter “don’t worry, wait till Cliff’s not around and we will look after you”.

Cliff Prior was one of those men behind the scenes who make a football club tick.