"First and foremost, I'm a big role model in my community. We're definitely role models and I'll always live by that."

Paddy Ryder speaks about the significance of wearing Nicky Winmar’s guernsey for Sir Doug Nicholls Round, the prevalence of racism and its perpetuation through social media, as well as the upcoming documentary, The Ripple Effect.

Listen to the full interview through the media player below.

Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
1:10 - A fortnight flipped on its head
2:10 - The significance of wearing Nicky Winmar's guernsey
4:20 - The Ripple Effect documentary
6:24 - Experiences with racism and its perpetuation through social media
10:50 - Breaking down barriers
12:56 - Reconnecting to culture
14:54 - A 'big brother' to Rowan