"That sort of crept into my own thoughts and I was thinking 'gees, can I play at that level again?' because I hadn't played in a year-and-a-half."

Daniel McKenzie joins the Sounds of the Saints podcast to talk about the match that reignited his self-belief, the challenges of not playing in 2020 and how a shift in the mental side of his game has spelled a career-best season to date.

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Podcast guide

0:00 - Introduction
0:42 - Roaring against the Lions
2:18 - From backman to wingman
5:14 - Finding the attack to his game
7:05 - Reigniting the belief against the Eagles
8:02 - The challenges of not playing in 2020
11:52 - Ammunition for the following season
12:41 - A frustrating setback and getting backed in
14:30 - D-Mac the Goalkicker
15:53 - Knowing your role
17:57 - Living with Sincs and the unexpected angel on top of the Christmas tree
21:40 - Looking forward to the Power