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Tia Pastore

"This course has given me so many different opportunities, not only in the sports industry but also in events work. I have loved all the practical work we got to do, as well as getting involved in school clinics and AFL game days. I've been playing footy for 11 years and coaching for 3 years so it was great to be involved with an AFL club that has helped women's football evolve as well as getting different cultures involved in the sports industry.”

Bianka Tsan

“This course has been such an amazing experience for me. I’ve been able to explore many different avenues through this course from helping at Saint Edge clinics to assisting in organising the Guard of Honour on gamedays. I’ve really enjoyed all the hands-on placement that has been offered throughout the course.”

Dylan Slavin

“As someone looking to further develop their coaching career, Holmesglen and St Kilda have given me ongoing support and a plethora of opportunities to help me begin that journey to the elite level. The course has been an amazing experience for myself, and I highly recommend to anyone who wants a role in a sporting environment to undertake this course."

Jack Buller

“The Holmesglen Saints Diploma was an amazing one-year experience and the course provided with massive opportunity to network with internal staff which lead to my current position at the Saints. Even though we faced many challenges with lockdown during 2020 I was able to demonstrate great resilience all while being the inaugural class which was something real special to me.”

Gemma Sammut

“The Saints Sports and Events Diploma opened many doors for me in a short amount of time. Throughout the year of study, I met so many people in different fields of both the sports and events industry. By meeting so many people in the business, I was able to see firsthand the experience of working in sport which made me realise my passion to pursue a career in the industry.”

Chantel Pinney

“The Holmesglen Saints Program was a great opportunity for me to explore my passion in both sport and events. It provided a variety of practical placement opportunities across multiple departments of the Club. I was able to gain experience with the events team, community team and football department throughout the year. During my involvement I was able to meet and network with numerous people internally at the Saints which has helped lead me to the position I am working in today.”

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