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'It's opened up a heap of different pathways': Holmesglen-Saints Sports Program

Maddi Southam (25) discusses her newfound avenues into a career in sports thanks to the Holmesglen-Saints Double Diploma.

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The course has just opened up a whole heap of different pathways. It’s been awesome just to see all the different avenues into sport that you don’t actually realise are there. I’ve played footy since I was 7, and to see how far women's footy has come and how many more cultures and other people are involved in sport now is really exciting.

- Maddi Southam, 25

I was a professional tennis player and coach in Japan for over 10 years, then when I came to Australia I wanted to continue to coach sports. I want to help kids get the best out of themselves, because I know how difficult high-performance sport is mentally. So a big part of the course for me is learning more about the psychology behind coaching.

- Kiyono Hirata, 35 (Tokyo, Japan)

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'It's really hands on': Holmesglen-Saints Sports Program

Austinn Collins (21) discusses his progress through the course, his preferred career outcomes and what he's found most enjoyable.

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I’ve loved the practical experience – taking kids’ clinics and working at the Marsh Series games…it’s been really hands-on. I’m trying to get into high-performance fitness training, so I’m hoping to start my career in strength and conditioning in any sport or even a gym.

- Austinn Collins, 21