On a special day for St Kilda, with the club making a pilgrimage to Danny Frawley’s home town of Bungaree, the Saints have deepened their commitment to destigmatising mental health, announcing a new partnership with online men’s health platform, Mosh.

With the aim to make men’s health easy, affordable and accessible, Mosh provides clients a seamless connection between healthcare suppliers, services and products for a range of concerns, including mental ill-health.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mosh, an organisation which so clearly shares our commitment to destigmatising conversation around men’s health,” St Kilda CEO Matt Finnis said.

“It is still far too common for people, especially men, to push their health concerns down the priority list.

“The work we’re doing at the Danny Frawley Centre, and through this partnership with Mosh, aims to show that there’s nothing wrong with putting your hand up and saying you need some help. It was one of Danny’s key beliefs and one we’re proud to continue to share.

Whether it’s a mental or physical health concern, there are people out there ready to help you, and Mosh provides the perfect platform to service the community’s needs.

- Matt Finnis

Mosh Co-Founder Gabriel Baker was looking forward to growing the partnership with the Saints, the company’s first in the AFL industry.

“We are proud and excited to partner with the St Kilda Football Club,” Mr Baker said.

“We share a passion and steadfast ambition to help Australians, especially men, navigate their health challenges and what is a notoriously complex mental health system.

“To have the opportunity to launch our partnership with the Saints in Bungaree, and to extend the partnership to the Danny Frawley Centre and Spud’s Game, is incredibly meaningful and purpose-driven. 

“Together, our aim is to encourage people to talk more openly and normalise their personal health problems. To achieve this goal, our desire is to change people’s lives by combining technology-enabled healthcare with clinically proven treatments, personalised service and direct-to-your-door convenience.”

The Mosh brand will be featured on the sleeve of Saints’ coaches’ polos throughout 2022.