Sandringham coach Aaron Hamill chatted to about which Saints stood out in the Zebras’ first win of the season against Williamstown on Sunday afternoon.

David Armitage
24 disposals, six marks, three tackles

“Outstanding with his clearance work and bodywork.  He was quite unwell in the lead-up to the game, so for him to lead and be so constructive inside was good for us.”

Hunter Clark
29 disposals, five tackles, five marks, one goal

“He was very influential, Hunter.  Some of his inside stuff was outstanding and it was pleasing.  His transition was really evident both pre and post stoppage, so he was certainly influential for us.  Match Committee will play its course and run its course, but clearly there’ll be discussion around Hunter and a number of players.”

Nick Coffield
19 disposals, six marks, two tackles

“He’s improving and he’s going about it the right way.  He’s got a good balance now of when to use his 2.8 [seconds] over 20 [metres] and when to defend strongly, so as time goes he’s only going to get better.  His rebound rate and ability to want the ball is only going increase with more game-time in that position.”

Luke Dunstan
21 disposals, six marks, two tackles, two goals

“They’re so solid in there the AFL players, and you’d expect him to play and perform that way.  Luke again was clearly strong inside for us and the way he was able to handle himself in terms of the opposition and what they were doing was a credit to him.”

Nick Hind
20 disposals, 13 kicks, three tackles

“He was really solid, Hindy.  I thought he got the balance right about when to attack, when to defend, and his communication and nous around the back six was really evident for us.  He’s working really well for us at the moment and he’ll press for selection as a number of the boys will.”

Darragh Joyce
16 disposals, 12 kicks, four marks

“I thought Darragh was really good along with the back six.  Solid on Nick Rodda I thought, he probably hit the scoreboard a couple of times – three or so – but not too bad from 45 entries.”

Doulton Langlands
Five disposals, two tackles

“He’s just a bit groggy – copped a head knock early on in the first quarter.  He was going okay too, Doults, he’s had a really good block.  We’ll let the symptoms settle down and we’ll do his SCAT test and then we’ll go from there.”

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Billy Longer
39 hit-outs, 10 disposals, three marks, three tackles

“Solid against Nick Meese – it was his 150th so we knew he was going to come out swinging as he does.  But from a hit-out point of view, I think we certainly held our own in there.  We won the centre bounces and our hit-outs were strong, so that’s all we can ask of Billy.  He keeps improving and I like how he’s marking it around the ground a bit more.”

Jonathon Marsh
Nine disposals, seven kicks, one goal

“A bit of Marsh up forward was solid in the second quarter.  That was the idea, just get a little bit of contest and threaten as to whether we equalise at times [when kicking with the wind].  We held our nerve a little bit and we were able to generate that run from half-back from Hind and Coffield with Marsh up forward.  We’re always wary about whether or not we equalise, but Marshy was clearly getting it done up [forward] and also did well down back, so we had the best of both worlds which was good for us.”

Ed Phillips
16 disposals, six marks, four tackles

“Ed certainly played his role well.  At a critical stage of the game he marked the ball well and put his body on the line for us and some of his positioning around the stoppage was where we wanted it to be.  He’s a very compliant player, Ed.  Didn’t get as much of the ball, but Trevor Barker [Beach Oval] quite often is hard to get a lot of footy.”

Bailey Rice
10 disposals, two marks, six tackles

“Another one who’s no-fuss.  He’s just a beauty because he’s trusting in the contest, so you drive to the game knowing that he’s one less to worry about – you know what you’re going to get from Ricey.  His opportunities open up and his last passage of play, just his goal nous and sense show he’s going really well.”

Sam Rowe
Nine disposals, two tackles, one goal

“Rowey’s good as a second ruck.  Clearly he’s strong in there, as is his ability to get down the line for us.  And it’s only his second game back, his game-time crept up from 80 minutes to 90, so he’ll play a full game next week.  I mean, 90 minutes is almost a full game, so he won’t be too far away.”

Brandon White
27 disposals, 18 kicks, seven marks, two tackles

“He’s been outstanding for the last five, six weeks now.  He’s a product of hard work, Whitey.  We know he’s got attributes, we know he can play and read the play really well for us, he’s got really good game sense and nous, so he was able to set the game up for us.  But again, some of his intercept work was very good and he’s building nicely for us.  He’s had a really good block and he’s going about it the right way.”

Robbie Young
Nine disposals, five marks, five tackles, one goal

“His hunt and pressure is where it needs to be.  We threw him on-ball for a little bit as well, so he gives us a point of difference in there.  Robbie’s instinctual play is good for us and that’s what he does well.”