Sandringham coach Aaron Hamill has his say on which Saints impressed in the Zebras’ clash with Box Hill on Sunday afternoon.

David Armitage
23 disposals, nine tackles, one goal

“Armitage was really strong in the midfield.  I thought he started off well, his first half was significant and he battled hard all day.  I think him and Luke Dunstan were probably our better mids and got their hands on it, so they’ll be proud of their efforts.”

Nick Coffield
17 disposals, 10 kicks, three marks

“Nick’s showing better signs.  I thought his first half was really good, he’s able to give us good use back there with Nick Hind, so that’s pleasing.  He’s going in the right direction for us.” 

Luke Dunstan
37 disposals, seven marks, two tackles

“He’ll put his hand up for selection again and he controlled what he did.  He got his hands on it, he was tough in there and he looked really, really confident in his actions.”

Nick Hind
41 disposals, 27 kicks, nine marks, three tackles, one goal

“Hindy’s influence on the game from our rebound and ball-use point of view was great. He certainly gives us a fair bit of use off half-back and it looked like he had a lot of fun out there.  Had 41 touches and gives us some real good speed.”

Doulton Langlands
23 disposals, eight tackles, five marks

“Powerful and strong, Doults, I really liked his game and he’s going in the right direction.  He’s strung a good four or five weeks together now, he’s tough and he’s just a product of hard work.  He knows he’s strong, he’s using his strength and his ability to get out of contests is very good.” 

Billy Longer
10 disposals, 39 hit-outs, three tackles

“I thought Billy competed strongly, finished with 39 hit-outs.  Really, he was double-teamed in there, [Marc] Pittonet is a good ruckman, but he performed well.

Jonathon Marsh
17 disposals, six marks, three tackles

“I liked Marshy’s game, he’s a real good leader back there and communicates strongly with his voice and he gets it done.  He certainly saved us a few times, but he defended strongly and gave us good run and dash.”

Ed Phillips
30 disposals, 19 kicks, nine marks

“Ed got better as the game went on.  He gave us good shape from a winger’s point of view, he got his hands on the ball, he was able to get in good spots and give us good use.  All in all, he was better than last week, but I think the way we used the ball helped him.”

Bailey Rice
11 disposals, 10 kicks, three shots on goal

“Bails was one of our best.  He couldn’t have done any more, Ricey.  He was bloody tough, he was consistent and he had a couple of shots on goal, three in the end.  He performed really well, Bailey.”

Sam Rowe:
10 hit-outs

“Rowey's first game back, 78 minutes so we’ll just ease him on into it and he gave us something to kick to.”

Robbie Young
Eight disposals, five marks, one goal

“It’s very good his ability to read the play and get in space, we just missed him a couple of times out the back.  But he's solid under pressure and really good around the contest.”