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Pledge your loyalty with Winner's Pledge

Winner's Pledge is a new, inclusive way to contribute financially to the Saints. - St Kilda Saints
Winner's Pledge is a new, inclusive way to contribute financially to the Saints.

Winner’s Pledge is an additional, inclusive way to contribute to the Saints, alongside purchasing a club membership each year. Saints members play an important role in supporting the club and the team’s pursuit of success and this additional avenue encourages fans to get behind St Kilda’s wins.

Participants can pledge amounts from $2 per win and receive the benefit of tax-deductibility thanks to the club’s partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.

Contributions received from Winner’s Pledge are invested directly into the St Kilda Football Club Player and Facilities Fund. The club established the Player and Facilities Fund to ensure our football department is well resourced and our players are given every opportunity to achieve on-field success. The club is committed to providing an elite sporting program and by contributing to the pledge, you can help our journey to ultimate success.

Get on board today and donate to the club based on performance.

You can also make a pledge over the phone by calling 1300 467 246.


Terms and Conditions of your Winner’s Pledge:

  • You agree to make a voluntary donation in the amount nominated by you (pledge) to the St Kilda Football Club (STKFC) for each AFL Home and Away match win and AFL Finals match win by the team fielded by STKFC in 2019.
  • Your Pledge does not apply to AFL JLT Community Challenge and pre-season trial matches; or VFL leagues; or Drawn or lost matches.
  • Your pledge will be debited from your nominated account within two business day after a win.
  • Subject to you revising your pledge or choosing to cease donating your pledge under these terms and conditions, you agree your pledge is payable from the date that you opt in for the 2019 season and including all subsequent years.
  • You can choose to pay retrospectively for wins that pre-date the date that you opted in in by contacting the STKFC.
  • You may revise the amount of your pledge or cease donating your pledge at any time by notifying STKFC of this.    
  • Donations are tax deductible and are processed through the St Kilda Football Club Player and Facilities Fund. By donating to Winner’s Pledge your donation is made unconditionally to the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) and you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the ASF. For more information on our partnership and tax deductibility CLICK HERE
  • You will be emailed a receipt from the Australian Sports Foundation for the 2018/2019 financial year after 1stJuly which will summarise donations over this period. Individual receipts for each donation will not be sent.