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PODCAST: Talking Jack with Jarryn

Ever wanted to know what goes on inside an AFL locker room? Episode 1 of Talking Jack with Jarryn out now. A snippet of the boys' brand new podcast, Talking Jack with Jarryn. Just how big is JB's head?

Ever wanted to know what goes on inside an AFL locker room?

Join Jarryn Geary, Jack Billings and Jack Newnes every fortnight as they reveal inner sanctum gossip, interview other players and more.

Laughs guaranteed, actual useful insights not included (refer to Saints Insider for actual news).

Listen and subscribe to Talking Jack with Jarryn on iTunes, Spotify or Whooshkaa.

In this week’s episode:

The boys launch their brand new podcast, and each have a crack at their own segments.

Gears kicks things off by reviewing Round 1 in Captain’s Call, before JB previews the upcoming clash with the Bombers.

Jack “Jill” Newnes fires up in Jill’s Grills, taking aim at the skipper himself for his locker room antics, before JB launches his unimaginatively-named “Name the Player”, much to the ridicule of his co-hosts.

CAPTAIN'S CALL: 'You have a massive bonce'

The all-important Jack Off has its first instalment as the two Jacks go head-to-head to test their general knowledge…tune in to hear just how much is on the line.

You be the judge. Let the boys know your favourite/least favourite segment, send in your pet hates for Jill’s Grills and please, PLEASE let’s get a new name for “Name the Player”.

Email to have your say.

Listen to the full episode below:


Episode guide:

0:25 – Intro

3:05 – Round 1

6:00 – Captain’s Call

7:23 – Matty Parker a.k.a. MP4Hunnid

8:14 – JB looks ahead

9.04 – Interstate trips

12.50 – Jill’s Grills

21.28 – Name the Player with JB

27.30 – The Jack Off

38.22 – Outro