“Who has the funniest nickname at the club?”

That was the question posed to the boys on their new podcast, Talking Jack with Jarryn, and resident cynic Jack ‘Jill’ Newnes delivered in spades.

Jill unveiled one of the more bizarre nicknames ever heard at the club, a moniker that was used to describe ex-Saint Tom Hickey.

Listen to the full episode below to hear the nickname:

In this episode:

The lads unleash after the planned guest Armo dogs the boys to go play golf, which sets the tone for an entire episode of public pastings. Gears fires back after hearing what went on while he was away, JB has everyone stumped in Name the Player and Jill throws a fellow podcaster under the bus in Jill's Grills.

Episode Guide:

0:00 – JB leads the disappointment train after Armo dogs the boys

1:43 – Gears goes bang at his “loyal podcast-mates” over leg injury

2:49 – Gears responds to photo being published

4:05 – How the skipper filled his time at hospital

5:26 – JB’s Facebook scrolling habit reveals Saints fan gold

8:42 – Who has the funniest nickname at the club?

12:52 – What is the best on-field sledge you’ve ever heard or dished out?

14:45 – Newnes unleashes on Jack “Sook” Billings in Jill’s Grills

20:08 – JB stumps the boys in the best edition yet of Name the Player

28:13 – It’s 1-1 in The Jack Off, who can take the lead?

30:38 – The origin of ‘Muchi Puchi’ is revealed…boy oh boy.

33:35 – JB and Jill review Jarryn “Muchi Puchi” Geary’s return in the hosting role.