St Kilda’s General Manager of Football Simon Lethlean has lauded the Saints’ trade movements as the second week of the Trade Period commences, highlighting ‘three significant outcomes’.

After one week, the Saints have already attained triple-All Australian Dan Hannebery, Melbourne speedster Dean Kent and this year’s second-round pick from the Swans (currently No. 28).

“We got the two players we wanted to acquire that also nominated us in Dan and Dean,” he told the Dare Drink it Through Podcast on Monday afternoon.

“They’ll come in and make an impact in our senior team straight away, which is going to improve what you’ve got in your best 22.

“And we also gain a pick in pick 28, which we didn’t have. It’s a good draft, so it gives us an early pick, a pick 4, which is very valuable.

“We’re looking forward to making the most of that, and it gives our guys a chance at pick 28, which they didn’t have, so we’re well placed in our view at this stage.”

In this episode:

Host Clair White is re-joined by St Kilda General Manager of Football Simon Lethlean to discuss the Dan Hannebery and Dean Kent deals, the medical check process, the Tom Hickey trade, a Trade Period summary, Pick 4, two new re-signings and incoming Leadership Consultant Billy Slater.

Episode guide:

0:44 – Dan Hannebery

1:27 – Dean Kent

2:23 – Medical checks

4:48 – Tom Hickey

6:15 – Trade Period summary

7:17 – Pick 4

8:11 – New re-signings

9:23 – Billy Slater