St Kilda Football Club has unveiled its specially designed 2014 Anzac Day guernsey in a ceremony at Te Papa Museum in Wellington.
The guernsey will be worn by the Saints players in the second annual AFL match played at Westpac Stadium when they take on the Brisbane Lions on April 25, 2014.
The contemporary Maori design, created by designers at Open Lab, Massey University, emphasises the links between New Zealand and Australia through the Anzac journey, using authentic motifs.
“The design team at Massey University has worked hard to create something powerful and inspiring that our team can wear proudly on Anzac Day.”  St Kilda General Manager – Commercial Projects Ben Davies said.
“April 25 is recognised as such a significant day between our two countries and this is quite a unique platform to acknowledge this relationship.”
The students from Open Lab designed the guernsey by creating a detailed narrative around the countries’ shared waters.
The narrative, using the traditional Maori art colours of red, white and black, is explored through the use of the waka taua (ceremonial war canoe) as a visual and metaphorical inspiration.
“The themes in the design focus on the ideas of ‘shared waters’ and the Anzac journey, which are represented with strong, simple base form and further elaborated upon through the line work,” said Director of Open Lab, Anna Brown.
The design process involved exploring symbolic meaning from a number of relevant Maori myths. From there, the designers abstracted motifs such as the mangopare (hammerhead shark), the Tumatauenga (god of war) and Te Ika a M?ui (the Fish Hook of Maui). Each design motif is linked to tell the narrative of the guernsey and to emphasise New Zealand and Australia’s shared Anzac history.
The design is centred on a plunging white oar shape, which speaks to the Anzac heritage. The back of the guernsey shows the merging paths/journeys of the Anzacs and our countries.
The guernsey launch coincides with the release of tickets for the Anzac game, which are available through Ticketek.

Pre-order your NZ guernsey through at Saints Locker.