In the lead up to the Pride Game on Saturday 13 August, St Kilda Football Club is sharing stories of a few inspiring individuals that support the Round 21 clash.

As the AFL MSS Coordinator, Drue Goodwin is responsible for working across the eighteen football clubs to assist in database management and the introduction of new features for membership services.

He helps to ensure that supporters are given access to the right information and ticketing so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game.

As an employee of the AFL and member of the LGBTIQ community, Goodwin sees the Pride Game as an opportunity to recognise and raise awareness of different issues within the LGBTIQ community. 

With a role not dissimilar to the Pride Game in ensuring as many people are able to enjoy the football together, Goodwin is also looking forward to the game creating an environment that welcomes the wider community to sporting events particularly those that wouldn’t usually feel comfortable at the game. 

“I’ll know that we’ve made a difference with the pride match when every kid in Australia feels welcome at the footy,” Goodwin told

“Whether that be their race or their religion, their gender, their sexuality – we want to embrace people now so that as the next generation grows up, it’s just normal.” 

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