Sandringham coach Aaron Hamill reviewed the performance of each Saint against Richmond at Wilson Storage Trevor Barker Beach Oval.

Nathan Brown
18 disposals, 13 kicks, five marks

“Browny’s an experienced campaigner and it shows.  We really, really rate his positioning and rate what he does behind the ball for us.  His ability to get us into a spot that can enable us to bounce back and attack was really good.”

Oscar Clavarino
Eight disposals, four marks

“I liked Clav’s game.  Every time we looked up at him, his positioning was where it needed to be. Again, he’s improving well, Clav, he’s going about his footy the right way and he’s absorbing a lot but he’s able to action it and today he did that well.”

Darragh Joyce
12 disposals, 10 kicks, four marks

“He just saves you a lot, DJ.  Darragh seemed to have a fair bit of the footy for us and took a few handy grabs, but he just looked safe with ball in hand and safe with his positioning.”

Doulton Langlands
19 disposals, 11 kicks, seven tackles, one goal

“What I liked about Doults [is that] he’s starting to have a lot of presence and grunt to his game inside, and then on the outside, his transition work has been his focus.  His ability to get to point A to point B has been strong and getting better each week.  I liked the way he went about it from a contest point of view and what he did post-stoppage was really good.”

Jonathon Marsh
14 disposals, 14 kicks, four tackles

“I thought Marsh was again really good experience down there, and he added to that.  We threw him up forward for 10 minutes just to to see what we could get out the front in terms of where we put him and what we do with him, but I thought Marshy competed really strong and his positioning was really good in defence.”

Jack Mayo
Five disposals, two marks, one goal

“I don’t think Jack got outmarked – not that there were many marks out there for the day – but we like how he’s always learning his craft.  Some of positioning down the line was strong for us, and he’s still learning, but I thought he competed well.  He’s developing nicely in certain areas and I really like where he’s going with his game.  He hasn’t played a lot of senior footy, especially in these conditions, so I think Jack’s showing signs every week that he’s taking steps forward and he’s not going backwards.”

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Jack Newnes
21 disposals, 19 kicks, two tackles

“I liked the way Jack played, he came back as an inside mid and along the wing and he was really good for us.  Jack hadn’t been dropped for his career, but what impressed me the most was that he had a ripping attitude.  His leadership was superb, his inside work was strong and his outside work and run and transition was first-class, so I thought it was a really solid game from Jack.”

Bailey Rice
14 disposals, 12 kicks, five tackles

“I thought Bailey was strong – his sort of weather getting down, dirty – and really good in the contest.  I really liked Ricey’s game, particularly what he was able to do around contest and positioning.  He was able to give us good use too when he could and some of his quick kicks and then ability to defend strongly was really good for us.”

Sam Rowe
Eight disposals, two tackles, 52 hit-outs

“We were rapt with Rowey’s effort.  I thought it was about even in the ruck, but just his effort to keep going and keep buttering up for us all day was great.  Having the nous to not only work hard offensively, but work hard defensively for us – get back, give us presence – and his leadership and presence was first-class.  He competes strongly and gives great effort, so he’s always going to be in the game and that will let his talent take over.”


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Brandon White
10 disposals, eight kicks, two marks

“We just want to keep adding to his play [by placing him on the wing at centre bounces], Whitey.  We think because he reads the game so well and he’s got good decision-making skills and he can kick the footy, so we think on the wing we can get him to be in the spot for us that we like at the right time.  His defensive patterns are good for us and hopefully we can keep adding bits and pieces to his armoury.” 

Robbie Young
Seven disposals, five kicks, five tackles

“I thought Robbie weathered the heat well.  In terms of tackles – which is what we judge him on – he had five, but I thought his ability to get up and back and get frontline and use his strengths was pleasing for us.”