New side, new faces, new numbers. 

Our nine recruits have found a new home at RSEA Park, but will take the next step into becoming fully-fledged Saints after being handed their guernsey numbers for Season 2020. 

Bradley Hill will join the Saints’ on-ball brigade in the No. 8, made famous by St Kilda Hall of Famers Alan Morrow and Max Hudghton. 

Jack Steven’s No. 3 has found another speedster in Zak Jones, who will join Hill in forming part of the red, white and black’s revamped midfield. 


Dan Butler and Paddy Ryder add to a damaging St Kilda offensive in the No. 16 and No. 18 respectively, while Dougal Howard is set to marshal the back six in the No. 20

Ryan Abbot will assume the No. 27 as he looks to add depth to the Saints’ ruck stocks.   

Draftees Ryan Byrnes, Leo Connolly and Jack Bell will have the opportunity to forge their own legacies in the No. 31, No. 37 and No. 42 respectively. 

Paddy McCartin’s No. 32 will remain vacant in Season 2020, as will No. 41 and No. 47. 

Unlike last year, there are no number swaps for the Saints who were listed in Season 2019. 


  1. Nick Coffield
  2. Jake Carlisle
  3. Zak Jones
  4. Jade Gresham
  5. Shane Savage
  6. Sebastian Ross
  7. Luke Dunstan
  8. Bradley Hill
  9. Jack Steele
  10. Dan Hannebery
  11. Hunter Clark
  12. Max King
  13. Jack Lonie
  14. Jarryn Geary
  15. Jack Billings
  16. Dan Butler
  17. Dylan Roberton
  18. Paddy Ryder
  19. Rowan Marshall
  20. Dougal Howard
  21. Ben Long
  22. Nathan Brown
  23. Jack Bytel
  24. Logan Austin
  25. Dean Kent
  26. Josh Battle
  27. Ryan Abbott
  28. Tim Membrey
  29. Jimmy Webster
  30. Ed Phillips
  31. Ryan Byrnes
  32. Ben Paton
  33. Matty Parker
  34. Jack Sinclair
  35. Daniel McKenzie
  36. Leo Connolly
  37. Oscar Clavarino
  38. Darragh Joyce
  39. Nicholas Hind
  40. Jack Bell
  41. Jonathon Marsh
  42. Callum Wilkie
  43. Sam Alabakis
  44. Doulton Langlands
  45. Jack Mayo