Peta Searle’s Saints will look to back up their promising performance against Carlton when they face Gold Coast this Saturday. 

A 22-woman squad will head up to north in the club’s final competitive hit-out before their season kicks off on Sunday 9 February at RSEA Park. 

For Queensland and travelling fans, the Saints will be holding a Captain’s Run on Friday 24 January at Southport Sharks Oval. 

Match details

Gold Coast v St Kilda
Saturday, 25 January, 12.00pm
Southport Sharks Oval
Free entry


1. M.McDonald, 2. A.Brown, 4. C.Whitfort, 7. R.Watt, 9. K.McCarthy, 10. J.Sedunary, 12. K.Shierlaw, 13. C.Munn, 14. H.Priest, 15. N.Exon, 17. C.Greiser, 18. T.Lucas-Rodd, 20. K.O'Neill, 21. G.Patrikios, 23. O.Vesely, 24. C.Fitzpatrick, 25. R.Dillon, 26. S.Karlson, 27. N.Xenos, 28. N. von Bertouch, 29. T.White, 35. C.Phillips