Despite entering just his third season, Saints fans have already become accustomed to Hunter Clark cleaning up at half back.

With his silky skills on both feet, the No.11 has found his place in the back six under coach Brett Ratten.

But it’s not just on the field where the young gun has been learning his trade.

In fact, Clark credits a nightly ritual as one of the reasons he has lifted his professionalism at the club.

Doing the dishes might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the boy from Mt Martha says it’s been part of an off-season spent growing up.

After moving out of the house he shared with fellow youngsters Nick Coffield and Doulton Langlands, Clark has landed on his feet at the home of Jack Lonie.

And the chores have been set.

“Lones is pretty good in the kitchen and so he cooks most nights,” Clark said.

“That means I’m on the dishes.”

It probably sounds strange but living with Lones has taught me to look after myself a bit more.

- Hunter Clark

“He’s someone who is really good to live with and learn from. He has great balance between knowing when to train hard and do all the right things, without becoming obsessed by it.

“I’ve noticed just little things I do now is different and that helps at the football club as well. I am probably just more switched on to what I need to get the best out of myself.”

Clark spent the shut-down period back at home with his parents and brother and sister, but his housemate wasn’t far away.

Clark and Lonie were regular training partners with the small forward also spending time with his parents on the Peninsula.

“Lones is known for how hard he works on the track and so it was good to have someone like that to train with,” he said.

“I also trained with Nick Coffield and Oscar Calvarino a couple of times as it was a focus of Ratts and the coaches that we get around to different guys and keep up that connection.”


While excited to be back at the club, Clark said the break was a good chance to catch up with the family after a whirlwind few years in the AFL system.

“I won’t lie, it was pretty good to be back home and spend some time with Mum and Dad, and my younger brother and sister. “But getting back into the club and seeing all the boys is awesome.”

And with a return to normal living arrangements, he’s back behind the sink with a scrubbing brush in hand.