Brilliant benders, delightful dribblers and miraculous moments headline this year's Goal of the Year category at the Trevor Barker Award.

Four Saints are in the running, with each major incredible in its own right.

Who has your vote, Sainters?

Matty Parker | Rd 6 v Adelaide

Matty Parker was absolutely electric against the Crows, finishing with three goals.

It takes something extraordinary to be nominated for Mark and Goal of the Year in the same season.

But it's something else entirely to be nominated for both categories in the same match. 

With the ball locked inside the Saints' forward arc and 14 players at the stoppage (yes, we counted), Ben Long won the ball at ground-level and squeezed out a bullet-like handball.

It was met with something equally deadly in Matty Parker, who at incredible pace managed to hold onto the footy, split the pack apart and in less than a second slam it onto his right boot.

The Sherrin sailed high, somersaulting in the air before drifting over the line for St Kilda's third goal of the game.

And if you reckon the goal was special, how about that celebration?

Shane Savage | Rd 8 v West Coast

Shane Savage was all class, slotting an amazing banana from the boundary.

It's not very often that Shane Savage finds himself in the attacking 50, but he certainly made a compelling case to remain there after kicking one of the goals of the season.

A looping handball out of traffic sailed over Jack Billings' head, yet the No. 5 was quick to the scene to mop up the loose ball.

Bursting forward with incredible strength and speed – and with Jake Waterman hot on his heels and Jack Redden closing in from the other direction – Savage found himself pressed up against the boundary line with not many options.

He boasts one of the most precise kicks on the team, but no-one could have predicted his checkside banana on the run – while tight-roping the boundary line – would split the middle.

And they say defenders can't kick goals...

Nicholas Hind | Rd 16 v North Melbourne

Nicholas Hind is a bundle of energy close to goal and is one of St Kilda's most volatile small forwards.

He's dangerous with a lot of space, but as we saw against the Roos, Nicholas Hind is equally dangerous when cramped up.

A quick-fire handball out from the stoppage found the No. 40 at breakneck speed, but with big man Todd Goldstein barrelling towards him and the boundary line fast approaching, he knew it'd take something special to get around the big man.

Instead of putting on the jets in trademark fashion, the energetic Saint squeezed the ball around the ruckman before being knocked to ground.

The crowd at Blundstone Arena could only watch on as the Sherrin miraculously dribbled through the big sticks to give the visitors a much-needed goal.

A Hind of Magic.

Jack Lonie | Rd 18 v Western Bulldogs

Jack Lonie was back to his best after slotting four emphatic goals against the Bulldogs.

After kicking just the one goal the week before in his return from injury, Jack Lonie was ready to burst onto the scene against the Western Bulldogs.

And what a way to stamp his return than with a four-goal bag – three of which were kicked in the opening term – to gift the Saints their first win since Round 13.

His first was the most spectacular, highlighting his freakish ability to nail goals from the tightest of angles.

Finding himself with space in the left pocket, Jack Newnes' handball out found the No. 13 straddling the boundary line.

With a quick pivot, Lonie –  – cool as a cucumberwhacked the ball onto his favoured left-boot and soaked in the roar of the crowd as his incredible banana brought the St Kilda faithful to their feet.

Not a bad way to kick off your afternoon.