Jack Steele has been awarded his first Trevor Barker Award off the back of his sensational 2020 campaign. 

The Saints’ premier on-baller took out top billing (207 votes) after two successive podium finishes in 2018 and 2019, topping the count to finish 81 votes clear of second-placed Dan Butler. 

Butler (126) and fellow recruit Dougal Howard (122) rounded out this year’s podium after terrific seasons at their new club. 

Steele’s decorated season comes complete with finals honours, a maiden All-Australian selection and top-five finishes in the AFL Players’ Association MVP and AFL Coaches’ Association Champions Player of the Year. 

The 24-year-old was similarly awarded with the Lenny Hayes Players' Crest Award – given to the Saint who best upheld the values of the club Crest throughout the season – and the Dare Iced Coffee Sainter of the Year Award.

Fan-favourite ruckman Rowan Marshall and young defender Nick Coffield placed in the top-five, with the latter earning the Best Emerging Player Award for his unflappable year in defence.  

Zak JonesCallum WilkiePaddy RyderHunter Clark and Sebastian Ross comprised the top-10. 

Six of the top 10 finishers started the season with fewer than 50 games to their name, while the group also featured four of St Kilda’s five trade period recruits.

Key forward Tim Membrey received the Robert Harvey Best Clubman Award for his team-first approach and first-rate leadership, while retiring Saint Nathan Brown was acknowledged for his wonderful career and impact at the club to close out the night. 

2020 Trevor Barker Award 

Jack Steele – 207 votes 
Dan Butler – 126 votes 
Dougal Howard – 122 votes 
Rowan Marshall – 120 votes 
Nick Coffield – 119 votes 
Zak Jones – 117 votes 
Callum Wilkie – 113 votes 
Paddy Ryder – 107 votes 
Hunter Clark – 100 votes 
Sebastian Ross – 92 votes