The Angels, a much-loved supporter group of the club, were recently recognised, celebrated and gifted 100 memberships in their name, all thanks to club Community Partner Pepper Money.

It takes all types of people to run a football club behind the scenes: coaches, high performance staff, administration, the list goes on.

And then there’s the volunteers, the people you often don’t see or hear about.

Coaches, players and staff come and go, but it’s these groups that withstand the test of time to watch the highs and lows with unwavering allegiance.

This sentiment rings true for many club supporter groups, in particular The Angels, a group of who have been volunteering, supporting and feeding the club for 35 years.

Tom Highmore chats with the Angels. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

Ranging in ages and backgrounds, The Angels are bonded by their love of the Saints and the enthusiasm in which they approach their volunteering work, which includes fundraising, player sponsorship and serving up food for the football department.

Affectionately referred to as the club “grandparents” by players and staff, their volunteering goes beyond just your typical food service and charity work.

Brad Crouch and Jack Bytel say hello to the Angels. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

Annually, The Angels raise funds for Saints memberships which are donated to club community partners, multicultural programs and disadvantaged communities, who would otherwise be unable to attend AFL games.

While in lockdown and separated from their beloved club, The Angels were busier than ever, donating a record 500 memberships.

To thank them for their work and officially welcome The Angels back, the Saints hosted a picnic to reunite them with their beloved players.

To officially welcome the Angels back, the Saints hosted a picnic to reunite them with their beloved players. Photo: Corey Scicluna

To support The Angels and their membership drive, St Kilda Co-Principal and Community Partner Pepper Money generously gifted 100 memberships in The Angels’ name.

Even better, unofficial Angel Brendon Lade presented the special news to the group. To say that The Angels were thrilled would be an understatement.

Unofficial Angel Brendan Lade presents the Angels with a 100 membership donation thanks to Pepper Money. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Pepper Money’s generous donation of gifting us 100 memberships in our name was pleasantly surprising,” President of the Angels Andrea Owen said.

“To get the invite down to the club for the morning tea was very exciting.

"We were so looking forward to going back to the club, then to walk in and see signs welcoming us back - it was great. "

- Andrea Owen, President of the Angels

“We’re so appreciative of Pepper Money’s support and we know that they’re a great sponsor of the club.”

The Angels have donated those 100 memberships to St Kilda Football Club’s Community Team, which were then handed on to students of its All Nations School Program.

The All Nations School Program supports initiatives in multicultural and Indigenous communities and works with these communities to increase sport participation and provide a team environment.

The Angels recently returned to serving soup and rolls post captain’s run (senior coach Brett Ratten’s highlight of the week) and have a busy calendar ahead, including fundraising events and monthly catchups.

The Angels welcome any Saints supporters to join them to raise money, meet new people and have fun along the way.