St Kilda Development Coach and Sandringham Senior Coach Jake Batchelor runs through each Saint who played in the Zebras' Round 12 win over Essendon on Sunday.

Jack Bytel

Jack Bytel was elite throughout the game. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Jack was best on ground for us.

“It was a really well-rounded game, his inside stuff with 21 contested possessions was pleasing but he also got on the outside for us.

“The team got challenged at three-quarter time, with the match either going to see us put them to the sword or only win by a couple of goals, and Jack really stood tall.

“He had 17 possessions, nine contested possessions and six clearances in the last quarter, so it was a huge final term for a young developing player.”

Josh Battle

Josh Battle jumped straight off a plane to the VFL. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Josh had a pretty good game considering he had just come off a plane as the medical sub for the seniors, so his preparation wasn’t exactly ideal.

“He found the ball on the wing for us when wingers don’t usually get the ball too much at Trevor Barker, which is quite a small ground.

“He found a nice mix of getting the ball on the inside and outside, and his running was through the roof, which once again, you don’t really see at Trevor Barker.

“His attitude allowed him to have a strong game, when he would have been disappointed to not have been playing in the AFL.”

Jack Lonie

Jack Lonie slotted five goals in the VFL. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“It was awesome to see Jack get the rewards on the scoreboard with five, but what was more impressing was his tackle pressure and how he set us up on defense.

“He was rewarded with a couple of goals due to that, and his attitude has been fantastic over the last couple of weeks.

“He is consistently performing above the level of VFL football and that is what you’d expect from a player like Jack.”

Dan Hannebery

Dan Hannebery returned to competitive footy on Sunday. Photo: Lucy Edwards.

“Hanners was great in his first game back, he was so energetic and ready to go.

“We put him in a position where he could use his running to exploit the opposition, and almost let him do what he wants, which is just to run around.

“His attitude was great, he bought into what we wanted to achieve as a team and didn’t go outside of that.

“He pulled up pretty well, which is great for him, and he would have got. A lot of confidence out of that.

“No matter what team he plays in, they’re going to be better for it, because he’s so loud and instructive, and especially with a young VFL team, you can’t ask for more.”

James Frawley

James Frawley returned from injury. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Chip got through unscathed too, which was good.

“His output was similar to Clav’s, with doing what he had to do.

“He out-marked the opposition a couple of times, but his leadership was the most important thing, along with getting through with no issues.

“He finished up halfway through the last, and he still looked pretty fresh, so he’ll be better for that game.”

Darragh Joyce

Darragh Joyce was strong in the backline. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Darragh was similar to Josh Battle, with getting off the plane from Queensland after he was in the emergency vest.

“Darragh’s attitude is always fantastic, and it was no exception this week. He competed well, and probably played on the small-forwards a bit more than the other two key defenders.

“I challenged him in particular throughout the game to do what he has to do, and not have to try to mark everything.

“When he actually gets the opportunity to mark it, he is almost unstoppable, so our next step is to identify his part in our defence and his part in the contest, whether it is to go up for the mark or not.

“Like the other two, a really good learning experience for him.”

Paul Hunter

Paul Hunter bounced back in a big way. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Paul had a better game than last week.

“He improved on his ruckwork and his follow-up – he had nine contested possessions and nine tackles, and he is a real barometer for us in that area.

“We know that we are switched on when Paul is in the ruck contest, and then he follows up with a bump, or a block or a tackle.

“He was disappointed with last week, but he bounced back well for us.

“He has extremely high expectations of himself and his teammates, and that’s what you need.”

Oscar Clavarino

Oscar Clavarino was solid in defence with Frawley and Joyce. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Clav had a decent game, to be honest, the ball wasn’t in there heaps – they only had 41 inside-50s, so our team defence was good.

“I challenged him, Darragh and ‘Chip’ Frawley that they can’t all fly for the same ball, and when you’re playing for a smaller forward-line than normal, and that is your strength, the temptation is to all want to fly.

“I think in the second half, Clav in particular got the balance right of when to kill, when to mark and when to just defend.

“It was a good learning experience for that backline.”

Matthew Allison

Matthew Allison continued his development in the backline. Photo: Corey Scicluna.

“Matty is improving a lot, he’s finding the ball a lot more and he’s feeling confident with the ball in his hands.

“He is starting to understand that his strengths allow him to have time with the ball and run with it.

“We’re now seeing the addition of him flying for his marks a little bit more, and the work he has been doing with Dylan Roberton has been great.

“We are now seeing it come through on game day.”

Cooper Sharman

Cooper Sharman impressed in only his third VFL game. Photo: Lucy Edwards

“Cooper was good again, he kicked three goals for us, and his running was really impressive.

“Like Josh Battle, on a ground that isn’t great for high half-forwards to run, because you can get bypassed often, he didn’t stop working all day.

“He gets the outlet for us, and when he sets us up at the stoppage for a third gamer, it has a flow on effect.

“This week, he got the lick of the ice-cream, and took a couple of good pack marks, so it was impressive to see that.”